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Reliva CBD Review

Reliva CBD is a US company that specializes in delivering premium health and wellness products to its customers. Years of experience and experimentation have gone into creating the Reliva CBD brand of today. And this is reflected across their entire product range.

It is refreshing to find a CBD brand that is dedicated to delivering exceptionally high-quality products while also working to make them as accessible as possible.

Let’s find out why you cannot afford to miss out on Reliva’s CBD products.

Reliva Quick Summary


  • The company is built on a network of CBD farmers, cultivators, and experts
  • Products gluten-free and vegan-friendly
  • Transparent about their origins and practices
  • A useful range of CBD products, including Lip Balm
  • Products are third-party lab tested by an ISO certified lab
  • Very affordable
  • Customers with visual impairments can make site adjustments
  • Free shipping on all orders


  • No FAQ or shipping information
  • Limited shipping options

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Reliva Full Review

It’s easy to become stuck in a CBD routine, using the same products every day without much thought. While finding products that work for you is excellent, it can also be nice to change things up sometimes.

Keeping your CBD products and routine feeling fresh and exciting is essential. Trying new CBD products is not only fun but a great way to experiment with different ways of trying CBD

All of Reliva CBD’s products have been carefully fine-tuned, having been through hundreds of cycles of development. At Reliva CBD, it’s important to deliver reliable quality and products that customers will both love and find effective. Let’s find out in closer detail how they do this.

Who Are Reliva CBD?

In order to create genuinely premium products, Reliva CBD believes that it is essential to not only use the very best hemp plants available but also to use natural, organically grown ingredients. All of Reliva CBD’s products are guaranteed to be gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.

Using industry-leading technology, Reliva CBD is able to extract rich CBD from their organic hemp plants that are entirely THC-free. Reliva CBD’s formula ensures that all of their products are packed with the healthy cannabinoids that your body needs.

The company uses rigorous third-party lab testing to ensure consistently high quality across all of its products.

Reliva CBD is passionate about making CBD as accessible to as many people as possible. And this can be seen across their entire brand. Reliva CBD even has a feature built into their website that allows you to easily adjust the appearance of their site. This makes it easier to navigate and read. From entering color blind mode to altering the font and its spacing, you can completely customize Reliva CBD’s site to suit your needs.

Reliva CBD Highlights

  • Free Shipping: Reliva CBD offers all customers free shipping on every single order. It is rare to find a brand that offers free shipping without a minimum spend. And this is definitely something that helps Reliva CBD to stand out among other CBD brands.
  • Easy to Use the Website: Reliva CBD has carefully designed its website and online store to be as simple and user friendly as possible. For instance, customers have the ability to completely customize the font and appearance of the site. This allows those with visual impairments to access Reliva CBD’s products with ease.
  • Suitable for Vegetarians: All of Reliva CBD’s products are guaranteed to be suitable for vegetarians. Thanks to third-party lab testing, customers can see exactly what goes into each product providing peace of mind that each item is 100% vegetarian-friendly.

Reliva CBD Negative Thoughts

  • USA only: Reliva CBD currently only offers to ship to those customers that live within the USA. And even then, there may be restrictions. For those customers that live elsewhere, it may be possible to find Reliva CBD products for sale from third-party retailers.
  • Hard to Find Lab Reports: Reliva CBD advertises that all of their products are tested by third-party labs to ensure quality and purity. However, the result of these tests is not easily accessible to customers. It is becoming increasingly common for brands to make results easy to find so that customers can see exactly what they are purchasing. It would be great to see Reliva CBD do the same.

Reliva CBD Consumables

Reliva CBD has a number of fun options for customers looking for consumable CBD. Options such as CBD infused drinks, CBD gummies, and CBD shots make it easier than ever to include CBD into your daily routine.

CBD drink mixes are a great way to add CBD into your diet in a discreet and straightforward way. CBD mixes can be added to your favorite drinks or added with water to enjoy their natural flavorings. These products are perfect for days when you know you will be away from home. Prepare your chosen drink in the morning, place in a reusable water bottle, and sip throughout the day for a healthy CBD boost.

There are three different drink mix options: Citrus, grape, and unflavored. Each drink mix contains 25mg of Reliva’s high-quality CBD derived from hemp plants. The Reliva CBD drink mixes are available for just $2.99, allowing everyone to benefit from a little extra CBD.


Reliva CBD’s gummies are another great option when looking for a quick and simple CBD solution. Packed with Reliva CBD’s popular CBD formula and made using natural flavorings, these are the perfect snacks that you don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying.

CBD gummies can be purchased in three quantities. The 20mg pack is small and easy to transport, a slightly larger 100mg pack, and a 300mg tub to keep you going for days. Gummies start at as little as $3.99, making them a great alternative to regular candy.

Reliva CBD also offers customer CBD shots containing 50mg of CBD. This provides a no-fuss one-time use item that you can use in less than a minute. Costing just $5.99, the Reliva CBD shot is ideal for days when you need something quick, simple, and disposable.

Reliva CBD for Body

Reliva CBD has three different topical options to choose from. When shopping with Reliva CBD, you can choose between a 300mg CBD cream, 30mg CBD lip balm, and a 250mg CBD stick.

All of Reliva CBD’s topical items are made using natural ingredients that have been carefully selected for their rich mineral and vitamin content. Reliva CBD’s formula means that all of the topical products are utterly THC-free. This means you can use them with confidence in all situations.

Reliva CBD 30mg CBD cream is one of the best-selling items, packed with a rich cannabinoid formulation. This product uses a blend of naturally healthy oils such as olive, beetroot, and organ kernel. It helps pack each drop of the cream with as many benefits as possible.


Available for just $19.99 or $16.99 when you sign up for monthly deliveries, the Reliva CBD cream is a simple and affordable way to care for your skin.

Reliva CBD lip balm has been designed to provide you with a convenient way to use CBD. The CBD lip balm makes for a healthier alternative than your traditional lip balms and glosses. Available in two different flavors; cherry and mint, you can enjoy a different flavor experience each day. Reliva CBD lip balm can be purchased for just $5.99.

Customers can also opt for the Reliva CBD stick, which contains 250mg of CBD and comes in a handy roll-on form. They are designed to act as a discreet CBD solution that you can use no matter where you are with ease. Infused with peppermint oil, the Reliva CBD stick has a soothing and moisturizing feel that you cannot help but love.

Reliva CBD for Pets


When shopping with Reliva CBD, no member of your family is left behind, including your pets. Reliva CBD offers a 150mg CBD pet tincture that is perfect for giving your pets a small dose.

Just like humans, cats and dogs are thought to benefit from CBD. And there is no better way to include CBD into your pet’s routine than with a few drops of natural CBD oil. Reliva CBD has designed its pet-friendly oil so that it is able to be used on its own and mixed into food.

Reliva CBD uses traditionally grown hemp plants along with industry-leading extraction methods in their pet tincture. These methods ensure high-quality CBD that delivers fast and effective results for your pets. Third-party lab testing is used to guarantee that Reliva CBD’s pet oil is entirely free from THC. So you don’t have to worry about your pets experiencing potential psychoactive effects.

Reliva CBD is made using an MCT oil and a hemp-derived crystalline cannabidiol base. Virgin salmon oil and natural flavorings are then added to create a smooth and flavor-packed oil that your pets will love. Reliva CBD also adds extra vitamin E to give your pets an extra healthy boost.

Reliva CBD pet oil comes in a 30ml tincture and is available for $15.99 or $13.59 when you sign up for a monthly subscription.

How to Buy Reliva CBD Products

Reliva CBD products can be purchased directly from their online store and are also available in over 20,000 stores across the USA. Reliva CBD has a handy find a retailer tool built into their website so that you can easily find your local retailer that stocks Reliva CBD products.

As a reward for shopping with Reliva CBD every time you spend $250, you will receive a coupon code giving you 25% off your next order. In addition, you can also save 15% on your first purchase when you sign up for Reliva CBD’s newsletter. Signing up to Reliva CBD’s newsletter is super simple. Just enter your email address and state to receive localized offers.

Reliva CBD even has a dedicated page on their website for current promotions and is definitely worth checking out before you shop. Reliva CBD is continually changing, and updating their promotions, giving you the chance to try new products at a reduced price.

To help you save even more money when you shop with Reliva CBD, they offer all customer free shopping no matter how small or large your order. Many brands have free shipping options when you spend over a certain amount. But it is rare to find a brand such as Reliva CBD that offers free shipping to all customers.

To make life as simple as stress-free as possible, Reliva CBD has just launched an auto-ship service.

With Reliva CBD auto-ship, you can sign up for automatic monthly deliveries of all of your favorite products. Reliva CBD also offers 15% off all auto-ship orders meaning that you save both money and time having to place repeat orders. With Reliva CBD’s auto-ship feature, you never again have to worry about running out of your favorite CBD products.

Final Verdict on Reliva CBD

When trying new CBD products, it is important to find items that you genuinely believe in. Items that deliver quality and ease of use are crucial to enjoying CBD and making it feel like more than a daily chore. Reliva CBD has a range of high-quality CBD products that make switching up your CBD habits simple and fun.

They are an excellent brand for both those customers who are completely new to CBD and those who are looking for new and exciting products to liven-up their CBD routine. Reliva CBD is committed to delivering high-quality CBD products to your door. All of Reliva CBD’s products are packed with the very best CBD that has been derived from THC-free hemp plants.


Final Verdict: 7/10

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