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Revival Review

CBD is known for its potential to help and heal. The substance can help revive a little of the lust for life some had previously lost. As such, we are in the midst of a CBD boom. More brands are selling more products than ever before. It can be challenging to know who to trust.

In this article, we take a closer inspection of one brand for you. Today, we are looking into Revival CBD. They may not be the most well-known or largest brand around, but they claim they are one of the best. A glance at their website seems to suggest they have a lot to offer, but is this the case?

We will find out who Revival CBD is, what they stand for, and determine if they are worth your time and money.

Who Are Revival CBD?

Revival CBD is a small, close-knit team based in the US. Within their ranks are musicians, artists, and scientists. Most importantly, they are all creators who are passionate advocates of hemp.

This family-feel company is on a mission to provide the cleanest, safest, and most reliable CBD products for our use. The team has spent years on research, trials, and testing in search of this noble goal. Today, they are proud to offer you the fruits of their labor with total transparency. Revival CBD feels they offer only the highest-quality CBD.

In terms of products, Revival CBD certainly has an excellent range for you to choose from. You can get all the standard CBD options you would expect from oils to gummies to even pet based options. What they do offer that is really exciting is their range of CBD infused vape juices, which are produced in partnership with some of the best e-liquid makers around.

But what about the CBD they use? Is it actually any good?

Is the CBD in Revival CBD Products High Quality?

Revival CBD uses only CBD isolate in its products. What this means is that they only include CBD in their items. No other cannabinoids are added, as other manufacturers choose to do. With no other active ingredients in their goods, Revival CBD products will only give out the positive health-improving effects caused by CBD.

The brand regularly tests the products’ contents of CBD, CBC, THCA, CBN, and other cannabinoids. They always check for THC content and ensure that everything they put out contains 0% THC. With 0% THC, their items will not get you high; they will only contribute to your wellbeing. Also, because they contain zero THC, Revival CBD’s products are legal almost anywhere in the world.

All of Revival CBD’s testing is carried out by the laboratory, EVIO Labs. EVIO Labs are reputable testers who have a NELAP accreditation, awarded by the Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ORELAP). The lab also has a license to test cannabis, granted by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC).

The company knows how important transparency is for consumers today. That is why they make their products test results freely available for all to view on their website. You can view the full analysis results for all of their products on their site. A move like this helps you know you can trust Revival CBD.

What about their product range, though? Does Revival CBD offer exciting options for CBD?

Revival CBD’s Product Range

revival cbd oil

You can purchase all of the usual suspects, such as oils, gummies, and rubs, but also lesser-seen CBD options. These include 1g of CBD isolate powder. Buying CBD in a powder format is a great way to give customers flexibility. You can now choose what you want to add CBD to, whether it be experimenting with adding a little to your cooking or improving your favorite drink.

Another great thing about their range is the sheer amount of different concentrations of oils on offer. Revival sells CBD potencies from 150mg up to 2000mg. This is one of the biggest ranges of potencies we have seen from any brand. The top strength of 2000mg is also one of the highest concentrations of CBD currently available anywhere on the market. To make it even better, all of Revival CBD’s oils are made with coconut oil as the base, ensuring a wonderfully natural product.

The variety of options in Revival CBD’s product range is one of their main selling points as a company. The company has something for everyone, no matter how you like to get your CBD.

Revival CBD also has a range of oils aimed at your pets, and have recently released a muscle cream and gel. It is exciting to see these new releases and confirms that Revival CBD is a brand determined to continue innovating.

Of all of their range, perhaps the most impressive is their massive amount of different vape juices they have available. We look at these in more detail in our next section.

Revival CBD’s E-Liquids


When it comes to e-liquids, there are not many CBD companies that can rival what Revival has to offer. Not only has the company produced its own range of vape juices, but they have also partnered with some of the best-established e-liquid brands around to provide some kick-ass combo options.

For those wanting their CBD plain and flavorless, there is Revival’s e-liquid. Each bottle of this comes with 30 servings, and there are several different concentrations to choose from.

If you are looking for a bit more excitement from your CBD e-liquid, you are best looking at one of Revival’s many combo options. The brands that Revival CBD has partnered with thus far are Sorbet Pop, Nomenon, Primal, and Vapestorm. Some of the flavors sound mouth-wateringly good, like the Primal Blood Orange Strawberry Lemonade or the Sorbet Pop Peach Mango.

It appears as if Revival will continue to add to these collaborations as they have recently launched a range of 30ml options. Keep checking back to their site to see what else follows.

The collaboration releases all have different CBD concentrations, and some offer a few different flavor ranges. If they sound of interest (and how would they not), take a look at Revival’s website to find the ones you want to try.

How Expensive Are Revival CBD Products?

The cost of Revival products is another glowing plus point for the company. Revival CBD starts their pricing for human-based products from just $15.99 for one of their oil bottles. The lowest strength pet oil they offer is even cheaper, costing only $8.99. Unfortunately, this is meant for Lassie, not you!

From $15.99, they have loads of options all priced differently until you get to their maximum concentration oil bottle, which will set you back $89.99 for 2000mg total CBD. Even this is a relatively low cost compared to what other brands would charge for a similar total of CBD.

If their low prices were not enough, there is currently an offer on their website for 30% off your total order. Free priority shipping is included for orders over $50. The site also offers permanent discounts for military and first responders. You can choose to sign up for their free newsletter, which contains details of other discounts Revival may offer.

With such a wide range of options at different prices, Revival CBD genuinely does have something for everyone. They are helping to ensure anybody can join the CBD revolution.

Final Thoughts on Revival CBD

Revival CBD is a small company doing big things. The brand offers genuine, high-quality CBD at a low cost in a wide variety of ways. The team is giving the customer everything they could want!

We wholeheartedly applaud their collaborations with existing vape juice providers. This is such a cool idea. It lets Revival focus on doing what they do best, supplying excellent quality CBD, while their collaborators provide their specialist flavors. We would love to see more CBD brands working like this with other companies.

What is really exciting about Revival CBD is that they are not resting on their laurels. Not content with the outstanding range of products they already offer, the company is continually adding new options. We will be checking their website regularly to see what they come up with next.

Revival CBD seems like a superb CBD provider. But don’t take our word for it. Go check out their website and see for yourself.

Have you ever tried any of Revival CBD’s products? We would love to hear from you. Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

Customer Reviews Based on 3 reviews

  • Judy
    I love these people!

    The Revival creams are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! I’ve even called to ask questions and they treated me like a friend! I wish I had a bubbling jacuzzi filled with their muscle cream. I’d be in there twice a day for half an hour. For now I’ll have to use it like a regular person, I’m more then ok with that!

  • Gerald
    Whoa! Its like that!

    My favorite product is the Muscle Cream they offer. Been using it for foot pain. Must say, every time I apply it “Whoa!” does that feel good. CBD products are so much better than the stuff you can get over the counter. Thank you!

  • John Deretich
    Best Quality for the Price

    I have been using Revival products for the past few years. They are always raising the bar when they come out with a new product.The company is transparent with there testing. They have a mission of quality and it shows. You cannot beat the pricing for what they are offering either. With lots of CBD brands out there I can whole heartedly recommend this as a brand you can trust.

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