Savage CBD [ All Products Personally Reviewed ]

Savage CBD [All Products Personally Reviewed]

When it comes to CBD oil usage, there are many different options out for various retailers. When it comes to choosing between them, however, there often isn’t any easy way to accurately make a choice.

One of the ways to try and make a choice is to consider what kind of CBD product you are looking for, as some retailers specialize in different products. While some try to focus on everything, making CBD products that cover all manner of different applications, others focus on Topical products or CBD edibles.

However, there are some brands that stick to the mainstay of all CBD usage, which is CBD oils; one of these is Savage CBD. A brand that prides itself on offering a high intensity, full spectrum CBD oil, which is available in a vast array of different flavors.

Let’s take a look at Savage CBD and examine their products, ethos, and trustworthiness, so as to discover if they are a worthwhile brand to buy CBD from.

Who Are Savage CBD?

Savage CBD seems to be one of those retailers that don’t really want to share much information about themselves. Instead of pages and pages of information about their personal stories and their company ethos, we are left with a simple page explaining why they exist. Which very quickly pushes you onto their actual store page.

They have an incredibly in-depth FAQ page which details all manner of different questions that you could possibly have concerning any of their products. Their answers are, thankfully, not tailored towards trying to get you to buy as much CBD oil as possible. Instead, each question is honestly answered, especially ones with regard to dosage and frequency of use.

Additionally, Savage CBD is a retailer that understands the importance of having rigorous lab reports for all of their products. You can easily navigate to an incredibly long list of every single one of their lab reports, offering you every single piece of information that you could possibly need. From cannabinoid content to the exact terpene profile, these demonstrate that Savage CBD is no joke when it comes to accountability and trust. If nothing else, at least you can trust that their CBD products are what they say they are. However, besides the FAQ page, there is very little to the Savage CBD website, so eventually you do end up on the storefront page anyway.

Savage CBD focus on their CBD oils, which they call CBD tinctures, while also offering a myriad of different other products such as vape e-liquids and even some pet supplies. Let’s take a look at their specific products and determine whether or not they are as good as they claim to be.

Savage CBD Tincture Products

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Savage CBD’s tincture products are available in a variety of different strengths and different flavors. Available either in Lemon Lime or Pink Grapefruit, you can get them in one of three different strengths.

  • 1000mg, costing $109.99
  • 1500mg, costing $129.99
  • 2000mg, costing $179.99

Each variety contains MCT Oil, hemp seed oil, and a mysterious list of essential oils and terpenes. What’s strange is that Savage CBD doesn’t seem to want actually to tell you what terpenes are in their CBD. The only detailed list of ingredients is in the lab reports, but those don’t seem to match the description. The terpene test results for their CBD tincture contain negligible quantities of any kind of terpenes. So…what is actually in these CBD tinctures? Despite this, there are a vast number of fantastic reviews, especially regarding their amazing taste, so I decided to try some for myself.

I picked up the Lemon Lime CBD Tincture, partly because it was on sale, and tried it every day for a week. Although I still had no idea what was actually in their CBD tinctures, it was absolutely apparent that something in them was working right. I began to notice the CBD effect within a few days, feeling my anxiety melt away and each new day feeling just a little bit brighter.

The critical difference between Savage CBD’s tinctures and those of other brands seemed to me to be the taste. Most of the time, many CBD oils taste like pure garbage. They either taste like nothing more than whatever oil they used to act as a medium for the CBD, or they taste like a substitute, imitation flavor of whatever they were advertising.

With Savage CBD, however, I actually did taste Lemon Lime – it was just like a really strong glass of lemonade on my tongue, making it actually really enjoyable to take it. Rather than the frequently unpleasant experience of most other CBD oil brands.

The value of their CBD Tinctures is quite decent, especially considering the available strengths of CBD. However, once you start exploring more of the Savage CBD website, you will begin to notice that they have a rather hidden section exploring all of their e-liquids which are, somehow, priced even more cheaply.

Savage CBD E-Liquids and Vape Products

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Despite Savage CBD’s focus on CBD tinctures, they have a massive range of different CBD e-liquids, all with their own distinctive flavor components. Each different flavor has its own unique name, such as Driven or Hustle, which doesn’t seem to have any kind of actual relation to its flavor profile. Each E-Liquid is 30ml, and is available in concentrations of 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg, costing $39.99, $54.99 or $79.99 respectively.

The ingredients are all the same for each different e-liquid, consisting of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, CBD, and a mysterious case of flavor concentrates. It is rather sad to see that Savage CBD are using Propylene Glycol, as many different studies have looked into the potential for serious health complications arising from the use of this thinning agent.

Unfortunately, even though all of their e-liquid products are accompanied with the same lab reports that all of Savage CBD products have, there is no indication of the actual ingredients with regard to their natural or artificial flavorings. The only way to work it out for yourself is to try some.

I tried the Hustle variety, which is described as “freshly baked cookie covered in fresh raspberries and frosting.” Though I wouldn’t say that description is precisely right, it is pretty close – it tastes astronomically sweet as well as extraordinarily fruity, and smells like a kitchen after baking cookies.

The flavor is somewhat artificial, tasting a bit like the chemical version of each of the flavors, but there is a definite profile of fresh cookies and fruit. It is absolutely a dessert variety, making this a perfect thing to vape after a meal or on a nice warm evening.

There is a huge range of different flavor combinations for their e-liquids, such as Tranquil with its mangoes and coconuts, or Serene, with its intense apple flavor. So figure out what kind of flavor profile you want for your e-liquids and try some yourself.

Savage CBD Edibles

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Alongside the traditional assortment of CBD tinctures and e-liquids, Savage CBD also offers two types of edibles. Their CBD Gummies cost $34.99 and contain 50mg each in a six gummy pack, and the CBD Softgels cost $90.99 for 30 pills.

While the CBD softgels are what you would expect, being almost completely tasteless yet easy to eat if you don’t like to take regular CBD oil or chew on edibles, their CBD gummies are surprisingly good.

Instead of being filled with artificial flavorings, the Savage CBD Gummies are flavored merely with corn syrup and a bit of citric acid. The full flavor tastes rather like CBD itself, so somewhat earthy but with a sweet finish. When chewing it, you will know that you are eating a gummy, but will not be overwhelmed with an intensity of artificial flavors.

Finally, there are their topical options.

Savage CBD Topical Treatments

Savage CBD offers two types of topical CBD medicines; one for you, and one for your animals.

Their CBD Full Spectrum Lotion costs $59.99 and contains 300mg of CBD, but is also filled with a myriad of flower extracts and other herbal treatments that make it incredibly soothing to your skin. It has a strong lavender smell with an undercurrent of citrus that soothes and relaxes you, able to help treat both inflammation and dry skin.

Of course, you don’t just only want to use CBD oil on yourself – you sometimes want to be able to use it on your pets.

To help with this, Savage CBD offers a CBD Pet Spray, containing 500mg in a 60ml spray bottle that costs $59.99. This can be used on your furry friends to help medicate them on injuries or treat their paw pads. You can also spray it onto their food and water, allowing you to easily medicate them with CBD, without having to struggle with trying to get them to take CBD Oil through the mouth.

Final Thoughts on Savage CBD

Savage CBD is a brand that seems to pride itself on its variety of different flavors, as well as its rigorously tested production standards.

They sell a huge variety of different products, but their CBD tinctures seem to be their primary focus. Despite this, there are more options for differently flavored e-liquids than all their other products combined. So it is a bit strange that they don’t push their e-liquids as much as they do their CBD tinctures.

Regardless, their products are made with excellent quality, and all of their lab reports are freely available, with each individual product page actually having them linked alongside their prices.

The only unfortunate quality of Savage CBD is that their lab reports don’t contain enough information about their specific terpenes or artificial flavorings. This isn’t uncommon for CBD brands, as lab reports mainly test for cannabinoid content and the possibility of metals or other polluting substances. But it would be nice to be able to say that Savage CBD maintains a sense of transparency with their products.

The main reason you should take a look at Savage CBD is because of their massive range of flavors; nowhere else can you get cookies and frosting flavored CBD e-liquid or a CBD oil that tastes exactly like a lemon-lime drink.

Savage CBD is worth it if for no other reason than the fact that using their products is akin to going to a wine tasting experience – you will taste flavors that you couldn’t even imagine, all while being able to treat yourself with CBD.

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