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Savage CBD Review

There are endless brands on the market offering customers high-quality products. All of which guarantee that they will improve your health and be life-changing; however, there are very few companies out there who market CBD, or cannabidiol, products as being fun and exciting. These products shouldn’t be just a pot of pills in your bathroom cabinet; they should be an enjoyable experience, that you actually looked forward to. Savage CBD is a refreshing brand who believe in exactly that. They have carefully designed their products with that fun factor, experimenting in tasty flavors, creative packaging and even funky merchandising. This is a company full of personality.

Let’s take a look at Savage in a little more detail and discover how they have differentiated themselves from the rest of the pack.

Who Is Savage CBD: Masters of the Vape

Savage CBD has a mission to become one of the world’s most popular brands, and they aren’t prepared to leave anyone out. So whether you are new to the industry, an avid vaper or a veteran, the company want to become your go-to. Savage CBD believes that products should provide customers with a perfect balance between high quality and innovation, they like to keep their customers on their feet! The founders of Savage have experienced firsthand the positive effects that cannabidiol can have on a person’s lifestyle and their goal is to educate as many people as possible about these benefits.

Savage CBD have worked with leading experts to design and create products that fit seamlessly into our everyday life. Rather than focusing on the more traditional oils and capsules, Savage wanted to come up with products that people can use privately as well as socially. With vaping becoming a popular hobby over the last few years, Savage wanted to tap into the market as a way of introducing cannabidiol to those who might not have before considered it. Savage CBD’s vape range combines all of the joy of vaping with the health benefits of the hemp plant.

In order to make their products as accessible as possible, cost has become an important aspect to the company. Savage CBD are always evaluating their production methods and trying to find ways that they can keep costs low while maintaining high standards. Every little saving in production goes straight to the customers, resulting in Savage CBD offering affordable pricing.

With high quality at the heart of everything Savage CBD create they aim to use pure, natural ingredients mixed with organically grown hemp. Savage CBD uses third-party lab testing, a company called SC Labs, in order to maintain excellent standards across their entire range. Full transparency is important at Savage CBD, and that is why detailed lab reports can be easily found on Savage CBD’s website for each item. These reports contain a complete ingredient list of any terpenes present, as well as a full list of cannabinoids.

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Savage CBD Highlights: Our Favorite Qualities

  • Creative Packaging: Savage CBD have put a great deal of thought into the packaging of their products, creating labeling that is discreet while still being fun. Savage CBD products do not stand out as clinical, like many other brands. Their beautiful sketched ingredients and silhouetted figures on the product boxes, make this brand stand out as more creative than most.
  • Affordable Prices: When purchasing high-quality products, the price tag can often feel a little daunting. But Savage CBD have become very savvy, and they manage to find that perfect balance offering customers quality products at prices they can actually afford.
  • Detailed Lab Reports: Savage CBD make all of their third-party lab reports available to their customers so that you can see exactly what each product contains. No more worrying about unknown substances in your body!

Savage CBD Products: The Full Range

Savage CBD is best known for their vaping products, seen by their large selection of vape oils, cartridges, and vaping equipment. However, like many other brands who specialize in vapes, they are aware that it’s beneficial to both the company and the customer, to stock more traditional products too. That’s why you can find tinctures, topicals, edibles, and even sunscreen on the website. But have they poured as much attention into these products as they have the vapes? Let’s find out.

Savage CBD Vapes


Vaping offers all of the same health benefits as regular oils with the added advantage of being fun and tasting great. Vaping is also ideal for those who are trying to give up smoking; as you are tricking your body into thinking it is getting its daily fix. Savage CBD vape oils are made from the same high-quality cannabidiol that is used throughout their entire product range, so there is no need to pick taste over quality – you can get 2 in 1!

At Savage CBD, the flavor is very important, and they understand that people can easily be put off of a product if the taste isn’t what they want – regardless of its health benefits. With this in mind, Savage CBD teamed up with expert mixologists to help design vape oils that taste fantastic. The results are mouthwatering, and the flavors include Fiji Melons, Serene Apple, and Kiwi Dragon.

Savage CBD offers an extensive range of vape oils, all of which come in easy to carry 30ml bottles. These all have secure lids so that you can take your favorite vape oils with you on the go, without having to worry about them leaking and making a mess. Vape oils are available in a range of different strengths so that you are sure to find the perfect oils to suit your needs. One of the great things about Savage CBD vape oils is that they can also be used as regular oils, ideal for those times when you are unable to vape and do not want to go without.

Savage CBD is currently working on a range of vape cartridges, packing all of the same goodness as their oils into a super convenient cartridge, for those days when you are in a rush and need a quick and easy solution. Vape cartridges are available in both full-spectrum and isolate form, giving you full customization. Cartridges are currently limited to Pineapple Blast flavor, but more great flavors are sure to follow soon.

Savage CBD also sells disposable pens, ideal for those who are new to vaping and are not yet sure whether they want to invest money into their own vape pen. Disposable pens are available in three fruity flavors: Strawberry Melon, Mango Citrus, and Berry Mint. Each pen comes ready to use with 200mg of CBD for you to enjoy.

Savage CBD Edibles


Despite being a vape-focused brand, Savage CBD also offer edible gummies for those who are looking for a chewy treat. These gummies come in packs of 6, perfect for tossing in your bag and enjoying while out and about. Working with a team of mixologists, Savage have created gummies that taste so good you will have real trouble stopping yourself from eating the whole pack in one go. 

Savage CBD Tinctures


Savage CBD uses full-spectrum oil to create their tinctures, giving you access to the full range of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes for maximum health benefits. Savage CBD has designed their oils so that they can be taken both on their own and also mixed into your favorite foods and drinks. Savage CBD tinctures are available in two fruity, fun flavors: Lemon-Lime and Pink Grapefruit. Both flavors have been carefully formulated, with the help of expert mixologists, to taste just like the real thing and make Savage CBD oils a treat rather than a chore. You can also choose from three different strength: 1000mg, 1500mg, and 200mg, allowing you to select the oil that works best for your body. Tinctures come in secure bottles with a dropper built into the lid for ease of use.

Savage CBD Topicals

Savage CBD topicals offer all of the same health benefits as the rest of their range but for your skin. Topicals are an excellent choice for both managing external health concerns and keeping your skin looking and feeling youthful. The Savage CBD topicals range includes full-spectrum sunscreen, aloe vera, and lotion. It is unusual to see sunscreen as part of a topicals line, but definitely something that is a great addition to the market. You can great the best of both worlds – allowing you to treat your skin to cannabidiol while also protecting you from the sun.

Savage CBD have carefully designed every element of their topical range to make it look and feel like part of your regular skincare and beauty routine. The packaging has a fun, beachy design and would definitely not look out of place with all of your other holiday cosmetics.

Savage CBD Pets

Research has shown that it is not just humans who can benefit from cannabidiol but that we can also improve our pets overall health. With this in mind, Savage CBD have created a spray just for pets, containing their high-quality, full-spectrum oil. The spray is designed to be added to your pet’s food and beverages, making it super easy to infiltrate into their regular mealtime routine. 

Savage CBD pet spray is made from 100% natural ingredients and only contains three ingredients; coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and CBD. Savage CBD pet spray comes in a 60ml bottle with an easy to use spray top and lid for added protection. Each bottle contains 500mg of health-boosting CBD specially designed for pets.

Savage CBD Review: Costs

You can purchase all of Savage CBD’s products directly from their website, with free shipping for those who live in the U.S. Unfortunately Savage CBD do not currently ship outside of the country, but hopefully, this is something that will change with time. We were impressed with how affordable their products were compared to their competition. To get an idea of possible costs, have a look at our overview below.

  • Savage CBD Vapes

Driven Vape Oil (30ml) – from $32.99

Hustle Vape Oil (30ml) – from $32.99

Passion Vape Oil (30ml) – from $32.99

Serene Vape Oil (30ml) – from $32.99

Tranquil Vape Oil (30ml) – from $32.99

Vape Shot (30ml) – $59.99

Fiji Melons Vape Oil (30ml) – from $32.99

Kiwi Dragon Berry Vape Oil (30ml) – from $32.99

Straw Nanners Vape Oil (30ml) – from $32.99

Full Spectrum Cartridge (500mg) – $59.99

CBD Isolate Vape Cartridge (250mg) – $38.99

Strawberry Melon Disposable Pen – $39.99

Mango Citrus Disposable Pen – $39.99

Berry Mint Disposable Pen – $39.99

  • Savage CBD Other Products

Edible Gummies (6 per pack) – $29.99

Savage CBD Pet Spray (60ml) – $59.99

Lemon Lime CBD Tincture (30ml) – from $109.99

Pink Grapefruit CBD Tincture (30ml) – from $109.99

CBD Full Spectrum Sunscreen (60ml) – $59.99

CBD Full Spectrum Aloe Vera (60ml) – $59.99

CBD Full Spectrum Lotion (60ml) – $59.99

CBD Softgels (8 per pack) – 59.99

CBD Softgels (30 per pack) – $109.99

How to Buy Savage CBD Products

Each product page contains in-depth information about the item, including its ingredients and its recommended use. Some item pages even contain a useful video review, which shows the product being used. These are helpful features for those who are new to taking these kind of products and might not feel confident with choosing the correct products. 

Savage CBD offers customers the chance to play spin the wheel, when first entering their website, for a chance to win a discount code and save on your next purchase. You can also use ‘vape10’ for $10 off of your next vape order. 

It is great to see a brand such as Savage CBD that is marketing hemp products as something that can be enjoyed and appreciated, rather than just as a medical supplement. Highlighting its exciting side and showing customers these products are more than an extra tablet to take every day. With delicious vape oils and products such as sunscreen, the company are certainly branching out into new spaces.

If you have had enough of tasteless oils and pills, head over to the Savage CBD website and start exploring the fun side of cannabidiol! 

Official Site: savagecbd.com
15% Coupon Code: WAY15

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