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Social CBD Review

One of the main benefits of choosing CBD over other, more traditional supplements is the choice that it opens up. With most supplements, there are very few ways that you can take them. The options usually include capsules, drops, and very little in between.

The great thing about CBD is there is almost no end to the different ways that it can be taken. You can find everything ranging from CBD vape liquids to CBD bath bombs available for purchase.

Social CBD is a brand who recognizes that variety is one of its most significant selling points. As a result, they offer customers a wide selection of different CBD products. Social CBD aims to break the stereotypes surrounding CBD. But they also deliver high-quality products that can make a real difference to your health and lifestyle.

The Social CBD range includes CBD oils, CBD vapes, CBD topicals, and even a CBD pet line. Let’s take a closer look at Social CBD and find out why you should try their products.

Who Are Social CBD?

Social CBD, initially Select CBD, recently underwent a significant rebranding. This included changing its name to Social CBD as a way of keeping the brand current and ensuring that its mission is clear to everyone. Social CBD is focused on removing the negative stigma that surrounds the CBD industry. Their main aim is to deliver innovative CBD products to its customers.

It aims to be more than a place where you can purchase CBD; Social wants to become a hub for CBD education and a way of bringing people together. The name change makes sense and reflects bringing together the CBD community. They hope to be inclusive and welcoming to all.

Social CBD has a goal to deliver pure, reliable, and trusted hemp products that allow people to take control of their health in a natural way. Through products and community, Social hopes to promote the importance of self-care and being in control of one’s own health, as well as raising awareness of CBD.

All of Social CBD’s products come with a lab ID number. You can use it to search for the exact lab results to match your CBD products. This allows you to read through detailed lab reports, which contain essential and informative information. You can find out about what goes into each item and the specific cannabinoid and terpenes level contained within.

This is an essential feature for a brand that is so passionate about breaking the stigma around CBD.

Social CBD offers customers a wide selection of different CBD products. They understand that everybody is different, and everybody has different health care needs. With Social CBD, you get to choose how CBD will fit into your own individual lifestyle. You can ensure that you develop a health care routine that you can stick to.

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Social CBD Highlights

  • Wide Range of Different Products: Social CBD understands the importance of both control and choice when it comes to health. That’s why they offer a wide selection of different CBD products. The Social CBD range includes items ideal for both use at home, and on busy days. So, you can always access a dose of CBD while and about. This helps to ensure that you never have to go without your favorite CBD products.
  • Full Lab Results: Every Social CBD product comes with a lab code that you can use to search for the batch’s individual lab results. Sharing lab results with customers is essential for ensuring full transparency. It also helps to break the stigma that still surrounds CBD.
  • Affordable Pricing: Social CBD believes that everyone should have access to CBD if they choose. And that no one should feel limited by their financial situation. The company, therefore, aims to keep all of its products as affordable as possible. But they still maintain high standards and quality throughout the entire brand.

Social CBD has two different ranges to choose from when shopping for CBD oil drops. Each range containing a number of different tasty flavors and strength options. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Social CBD Drops

social cbd

The company’s broad-spectrum CBD drops range has been formulated to provide a pure CBD experience with no added extras. The Social CBD drops, on the other hand, offer all of the same health benefits as broad-spectrum drops. But they have the addition of essential oils for an extra burst of healthiness.

The Social CBD base drop formula is simple yet extremely effective, containing hemp-derived CBD and fractionated coconut oil. By only using two ingredients, Social CBD can ensure that its customers are able to experience CBD in its natural form. Customers can fully benefit from the health benefits found within hemp plants.

Broad-spectrum oil retains a number of the cannabinoids and terpenes that occur within hemp plants. All of these work together to help your body process CBD in the most effective way possible. Broad-spectrum CBD drops are available in vanilla mint flavor, Meyer lemon, and pomegranate.

They also offer an unflavored option, which is perfect for those who are planning to add CBD to recipes or simply prefer the natural hemp flavor.

The Social CBD drops come in a range of different flavors and is packed with essential oils to match. The Social drop line includes peppermint oil, which contains peppermint essential oil and ashwagandha. There is also a lemon ginger option packed with turmeric, ginger, and lemon essential oil. For a super relaxing CBD oil, Social CBD has included lavender oil drops within the range. This oil contains a blend of passionflower, chamomile, and lavender essential oil.

Social CBD offers a ‘pick four bundles’ option, which is an excellent way to try all of the different flavors of oil. You simply choose the strength and flavors you prefer, and Social CBD will package them in a stylish gift box for you to enjoy.

Social CBD Vape Pens

Social CBD vape pens offer a portable way to enjoy their oils while out and about. Designed with convenience in mind, Social CBD vape pens are compact, discreet, and easy to use. Just like all of Social CBD’s products, you can choose between a number of different strengths and flavors for complete control over your vaping experience.

Each vape pen has been carefully formulated to offer a slightly different experience. This ensures that there is a vape option for almost every situation. Social CBD vape pens are available in relax, focus, and revive versions because Social CBD has you covered no matter what.

Social CBD wants vaping to be more than just a way to ingest CBD; they want it to be a full experience and one that people enjoy and look forward to. They have been able to achieve this goal by offering a number of delicious flavors that almost sound too good to be health-related products. Within the list of mouthwatering flavors, you will find cinnamon, lemon, grapefruit, and spearmint.

Social CBD offers something which is becoming increasingly difficult to find when shopping for CBD, an all-natural ingredient list. Many brands use cheap and potentially dangerous chemicals to convert their CBD oils to vape liquids. But Social CBD has instead decided to put the health of their customers first. That’s why they use natural healthy ingredients.

Social CBD Topicals

social cbd review

Topicals are an excellent CBD alternative for those who prefer to take CBD externally. They are also great if you are already looking for a product to keep their skin looking and feeling healthy. Social CBD currently offers a number of topicals, including lotions and patches.

Social CBD patches provide a convenient way to give your body a small dose of CBD throughout the day. The patches are applied directly to the skin and steadily release CBD into your bloodstream over a 24 hour period. This is perfect for managing long term health conditions. All you have to do is apply the patch in the morning and then enjoy your day as usual.

Social CBD offers patches in two different strengths: A 20mg option, and a stronger 60mg option. Social CBD also suggests that you can tailor your exact CBD dosage by cutting patches into halves or even quarters. This all depends on your required dose.

The Social CBD creams come in two different nutrient-rich options: A foot renewal cream and the Social CBD muscle rub. Both creams have been designed to tackle problem areas, providing a dose of CBD where you need it the most. Both creams are packed with vitamins and oils that work to smooth your skin and leave you feeling great.

Social CBD Pets

Every member of the Social CBD family is essential, including your furry friends. This is why Social CBD has taken its famous CBD oil formula and slightly altered it so that it is suitable for your pets. Just like the regular oils, Social CBD’s pet oils are made from 100% natural ingredients, including hemp-derived CBD extract, coconut oil, and natural essences to provide pet-friendly flavors.

All pet oils come in 750mg bottle with a handy dropper built into the lid so that you can ensure you are always giving your pet the exact same dosage, for effects that you can predict and rely on. There are four flavor options to choose from: Chicken, peanut butter, bacon, and for the fussy eater, there is an unflavored option that has been designed to go unnoticed when added to food.

Social CBD pet drops are the perfect way to ensure that your pets have everything that they need to stay healthy and keep you company for as long as possible.

How to Buy Social CBD Products

Social CBD products are available directly from their online store, providing you with access to their complete range of CBD products. The company’s website reflects the brand’s ethos and acts as an education tool, providing you with all the information that you need to make an informed purchase whether you are new to CBD or an expert looking to try something new.

Social CBD currently only ships within the US, although it is possible to find some of the products available from third-party stores if you live in another country. The exact price of shipping is calculated at the checkout. It depends on your location, how much you order, and how fast you are looking to receive your order.

Social CBD has a number of stores across the US, which you can easily find using the store locator tool on their website. If you are lucky enough to have a Social CBD store near you, why not pop in and have a chat with a member of Social CBD’s expert team. You can learn a little more about how CBD can benefit your health and how to buy CBD online.

Final Verdict About Social CBD

Social CBD offers customers a wide range of high-quality CBD products made from 100% natural ingredients. Social CBD products have a modern, fresh feel to them, thanks to their extensive range of flavors and bright, youthful packaging. The almost futuristic vibe of the brand helps to support its goal – to break the stigma surrounding CBD and show that it is a natural, healthy alternative to traditional medication and supplements.

If you have been searching for natural, high-quality products that offer choice and the ability to take back control of your health, then Social CBD is the perfect solution. Social CBD provides a wide range of different options for every product line that they sell and give you the ability to control how you manage your health.

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Coupon Code: CBD15LIFE

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