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SOL CBD Review [All Products Tested]

SOL CBD Review [All Products Tested]

Cannabidiol is BIG business, and the market is only going to become bigger once industrial hemp is fully legalized. Although research is ongoing, a variety of early studies indicate that CBD has the potential to treat medical issues such as anxiety disorders, chronic pain, and insomnia. Of course, the bigger the market, the more numerous the companies making sales. We aim to inform you about the best and worst CBD sellers on the market. Today, we review SOL CBD.

Who is SOL CBD?

The company was founded by husband and wife team, Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky. The couple had been working as natural health advocates for almost a decade before creating SOL CBD. As well as providing users with premium-grade CBD, the couple also wants to ensure that visitors to the website have as much accurate information about cannabidiol as possible.

Certainly, the site is filled with useful information which you should read first before making any financial commitment to CBD. The company was formed in 2015, and the cannabinoids they use in their products come from hemp grown in Northern Europe. SOL CBD pledges that its CBD products contain no chemicals or psychoactive THC.

Review of SOL CBD’s CBD Tincture

The company’s CBD tincture comes in Natural or Cinnamint (cinnamon and mint) flavors. There is 300mg of CBD in each 30ml bottle, and each serving consists of 5mg of CBD, the equivalent of half of the 1ml dropper. Each half dropper also contains 16.7mg of hemp oil, which comes from seeds and stalks.

If you have any doubt as to the legitimacy of the oil, SOL CBD has included certificates of analysis from a third-party lab (ProVerde Laboratories). There seems to be more CBD in the Natural flavor (10.52 mg per ml) than the Cinnamint (9.45 mg per ml). Each certificate also shows that there is no THC in either oil, and there are more than a dozen terpenes including Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Linalool.

A single bottle costs $65, but you can save some money by purchasing two bottles for $124, or three bottles for $174. SOL CBD also adds medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil to its tincture. Overall, the tincture worked reasonably well and helped me feel relaxed. I suspected that it wasn’t potent enough to help with my tendonitis and was unfortunately proved correct.

However, if you need something a little stronger, SOL CBD has you covered in the form of its ultra-potent 3600mg tincture. As you can probably guess, there is 3600mg of CBD in each 120ml bottle. The accompanying certificate of analysis proves that it is over triple the strength of the other oil per dose with a whopping 35.52mg of CBD per ml!

SOL CBD recommends using ¼ of the 2ml dropper, and 0.5ml contains 15mg of CBD and 50mg of hemp oil. Once again, the only other ingredient is MCT oil which is extracted from coconut oil. This tincture is legal in all U.S. states according to the company, you need no prescription, and it consists of cold processed oil using CO2 extraction.

You need deep pockets to enjoy this oil because it is $327 for a single bottle! However, if 1 ml of the oil is enough to treat your condition, each bottle will last you four months. You can save cash by ordering two bottles for $618 or three bottles for $867. It is a powerful mixture and helped take the sting out of my tendonitis throughout several days. I also found that my sleep improved which alleviated fatigue. Overall, it is a quality product, and I would recommend starting small before working your way upwards to find your minimum effective dose.

Review of SOL CBD Whole Body Liposomal

This is an extremely interesting product and is not something offered by many CBD sellers. According to SOL, this product is a ‘breakthrough’ insofar as these rapidly dissolving hemp liposomes help your body absorb cannabinoids faster and more effectively. Each 30ml bottle contains 300mg of hemp oil and approximately 300mg of CBD.

There are 54 servings of 0.6ml, and each offers 5.6mg of hemp oil and 5.5mg of CBD. If you think this isn’t enough CBD, think again! The liposomes ensure that the CBD you consume goes a long way. As a result, you should feel the effects faster; and positive benefits could include a reduction in anxiety, improved sleep, reduced inflammation, and a boost in immune function.

Although there are several ingredients including MCT oil and xanthan gum, the product is free from propylene glycol, GMOs and ethanol. The product is a full-spectrum hemp extract and also uses sunflower extracted phospholipids. One bottle will cost $79, but you can get two bottles for $150 and three for $210.

There is some controversy about liposomes. In theory, these CBD-filled spheres should be transported directly to the gut where they are directly absorbed into the immune system. By avoiding the liver, you benefit from almost total bioavailability. To use, spray as many pumps as you wish into a glass of water and consume twice a day.

My initial skepticism was soon allayed as I felt much better within minutes. Whether or not the science is completely accurate, these liposomes seem like the real deal. It also tasted great thanks to the real fruit flavor which comes from fruit which is naturally sweetened using Stevia.

Does SOL CBD Sell Anything Else?

It certainly does! SOL CBD sells bottles with 30 capsules, each of which contains 15mg of CBD, for $69. You can purchase two bottles for $129 and three bottles for $179. As well as 15mg of CBD, each capsule also includes 375mg of hemp oil.

If you have muscle or joint pain, SOL CBD’s Herbal Balm could be just what you need. It contains 13 ingredients, and each 4-ounce tub contains 125mg of CBD for $47. You can buy two tubs for $89 or three for $123. In terms of pure CBD, the balm seems relatively expensive.

Finally, there is a CBD tincture for pets! Each 30ml bottle costs $31 and contains a total of 100mg of CBD. There is nothing to differentiate it from the CBD tincture for humans, barring the fact that it is weaker. You could easily just use the other CBD oil which is cheaper. Just make sure you don’t give your pet too much of it!

Where Can I Buy SOL CBD Products?

There is no better place than the official SOL CBD website. The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with your results. SOL CBD pledges to deliver its goods to your home in 1-4 business days, although it could be 7 days if you live in Hawaii. Unfortunately, SOL does not ship internationally at this time.

Final Thoughts on SOL CBD

Overall, there is no question about the company’s legitimacy. It uses high-quality hemp to produce its CBD products and has the certificates of analysis to prove it. It is important to remember that SOL is a relatively small family-owned business, so its range of products is all the more impressive.

The normal CBD tincture is good if you have anxiety, but we recommend trying the strong 3600mg version if you need to alleviate severe pain. The liposomal product is exciting and ensures that just 5mg of CBD has a genuine effect. The only downsides were the balm and pet CBD. There is only 125mg of CBD in the balm which isn’t enough if you have chronic joint pain. Also, you should just purchase the regular tincture instead of the pet version for your dog or cat.

Verdict: 8.5/10


  • Decent range of products.
  • Certificates of analysis online.
  • The 3600mg version is very effective for pain.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.

Sol CBD Cons

  • CBD tincture for pets is expensive.
  • The balm realistically doesn’t contain enough CBD to help with pain.
  • SOL CBD does not ship overseas.

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