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Synerva CBD Review

The UK CBD industry might be smaller than its USA counterpart, but that doesn’t mean that there are not some fantastic brands on the market.

Synerva CBD oils are one of the many excellent examples of the high quality that can be found when shopping for CBD in the UK. Synerva CBD stands out among other CBD brands in part due to its popular CBD oil blend.

So, who exactly is Synerva CBD, and why should you be using its CBD products?

Who Is Synerva CBD Oil?

Synerva UK CBD oils are a British based CBD brand offering customers a range of high-quality CBD solutions. Synerva CBD oils are proud to have been named one of the best quality suppliers of organic CBD oil in the UK.

The Synerva CBD Oil brand is passionate about providing the UK with the very best CBD oil-based products possible, available in a range of different forms. With products including topicals, gummies, and vape e-liquids, Synerva covers almost every area of CBD.

All of Synerva CBD liquid oil drops are made using hemp plants that have a naturally rich cannabinoid content. Synerva CBD Oil sources all of its hemp from farms in Colorado.

All of the farms that Synerva CBD Oil works with follow the USA’s strict farming guidelines. Synerva CBD Oil is committed to only pairing with organic farms that use sustainable methods. And, Synerva CBD Oil uses full-spectrum CBD to make all of its oils, ensuring that each drop is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and phytonutrients.

As a result of using organic hemp plants, Synerva CBD Oil is able to guarantee that the oils are GMO-free and pesticide-free. By using hemp plants, all of Synerva CBD’s oils and CBD products also 100% THC-free.

The company uses high-quality, hemp-derived CBD in all of its products, ensuring a consistent experience no matter which items you choose.

Synerva CBD Oil has a number of different locations around the UK, allowing the company to perform manufacturing and shipping as effectively as possible. Synerva CBD Oil is able to offer products at affordable prices without having to make cuts in quality or sustainability.

Synerva CBD Oil Highlights

Full-Spectrum CBD: Synerva CBD Oil only uses full-spectrum CBD in its products. Derived from hemp plants, Synerva CBD Oil products are guaranteed to be 100% THC-free while still containing a full and healthy range of cannabinoids.

Affordable Pricing: Synerva CBD Oil believes that it is essential for everyone to have access to CBD, and this is reflected in the pricing. By keeping manufacturing local, Synerva CBD Oil is able to keep costs low without compromising on quality. All of these savings are then passed on to the customer.

Free Shipping: Synerva CBD Oil offers free shipping for customers that spend more than £100 on one order and are based within the UK. Free shipping adds to the affordability of Synerva CBD Oil products and their accessibility.

Synerva CBD Oils


Synerva CBD Oil has eight different concentrations of the brand’s popular CBD oil. Starting at 500mg of CBD for just £24.95 and offering varying strengths up to 4000mg of CBD for £195.95, Synerva CBD Oil has the perfect fit for everyone.

Synerva CBD Oil’s hemp oil drops are the brand’s founding product line, and will be used in all of their future ranges. Using Colorado grown organic hemp plants and gentle extraction methods, Synerva CBD Oil is able to offer reliable high quality with each drop.

Synerva CBD Oil uses a simple yet effective formula, with each bottle of oil only containing two ingredients; CBD oil and hemp seed oil. The simple list of ingredients makes Synerva’s CBD drops the perfect addition to your daily supplement routine.

All of Synerva’s CBD oils come in 10ml bottles and it is designed to be easily kept with you wherever you go. The built-in dropper allows you to measure out a precise amount of oil with each use. The overall design of the bottle incorporates discreteness while still containing all of the information that you need.

Synerva CBD Oil Capsules


Synerva’s CBD oil capsules take the brand’s popular oil blends and packs it into a convenient, easy to swallow capsule. Each capsule contains exactly 10mg of THC-free CBD. Just as with Synerva CBD Oil’s hemp drops, every capsule is guaranteed to be 100% organic and free from pesticides.

Synerva CBD Oil uses specialized equipment to manufacture its capsules, meaning that every capsule contains the same precise dosage. For those who worry about varying concentrations and error when measuring out oils, the Synerva CBD Oil capsules are the perfect solution.

Committed to protecting both your health and the environment, Synerva CBD Oil uses only a few ingredients to make its capsules. Coconut oil is used to form the main body of the capsule, chosen for its natural health benefits and ease of digestion.

A mix of gelatin and glycerin is used to form the coating of the capsules. The combination of the two ingredients makes it easy for your body to break down and process the capsules.

Synerva CBD Oil capsules are the perfect choice for anyone who needs a quick, simple, and discreet way to consume CBD while out and about. The simple packaging allows the Synerva CBD Oil capsules to blend in among other supplements and cosmetics within your bag or dresser.

Synerva CBD Oil capsules can be purchased in both tubs of 30 and 60 for maximum convenience.

Synerva CBD Oil Gummies


The Synerva CBD Oil CBD gummies offer a fun and tasty way to enjoy consuming CBD. Rich in flavor and cannabinoids, the Synerva CBD gummies make the perfect midday treat.

Made with a sugar free recipe, the Synerva CBD gummies are the perfect alternative to your regular candies. With Synerva CBD Oil gummies, you not only increase your CBD intake, but also lower your sugar intake all at the same time.

Each gummy contains 5mg of Synerva CBD Oil’s full-spectrum, organically grown CBD oil. As with all of the brand’s products, the Synerva CBD Oil gummies are 100% free from THC, pesticides, and genetically modified ingredients.

The Synerva CBD Oil gummies come in an adorable bear shape, reminding you of your favorite childhood candy and adding to the enjoyment.

CBD gummies are available in packs of 60 for just £32.95, making them a tasty and affordable treat.

Synerva CBD Oil Massage Oils & Balms


Synerva CBD Oil massage oils and balms offer those looking for a CBD topical the chance to experience the brand’s popular CBD oil.

The CBD balm has been designed to blend naturally into your skin, leaving it feeling luxuriously smooth and calm. Each 50ml tub contains 300mg of Synerva CBD Oil’s unique full-spectrum CBD derived from organic hemp plants.

The natural mix of cannabinoids and terpenes is combined with essential oils, including rosehip, eucalyptus, and lavender. The therapeutic blend of ingredients results in a relaxing scent that is endlessly enjoyable and long-lasting.

Synerva CBD Oil also has a range of CBD massage oils within its CBD topical line. Synerva CBD’s massage oil is available in three different options. Customers can choose between a muscle recovery oil, a relaxing CBD oil, and a reviving CBD oil. Each massage oil contains a slightly different blend of ingredients gentling, altering the effects.

Each massage oil comes in a 100ml bottle containing 300mg of full-spectrum, health-enhancing CBD. All oils are guaranteed to provide you with a healthy dose of THC-free CBD that is completely free from artificial and potentially toxic ingredients.

The muscle recovery CBD massage oil combines CBD oil with a terra deep blue essential oil blend. Each ingredient within the blend has been chosen to promote muscle recovery, just as the name suggests, including blue tansy flower, peppermint, and helichrysum flowers.

The relaxing CBD massage oil uses a similar healthy list of ingredients, swapping the terra deep blue essential oil blend for a terra serenity essential oil blend. Hawaiian sandalwood essential oil, ho leaf, and chamomile flowers are just a few of the relaxing ingredients that can be found within Synerva CBD Oil’s relaxing CBD massage oil.

Synerva CBD Oils CBD E-Liquid


Synerva’s CBD vape oil allows you to combine all of the benefits of vaping with all of the benefits associated with CBD. There is no better way to stick to your CBD supplement routine than with a flavorful vape e-liquid that you can use with ease.

Synerva CBD Oil’s vape formula is made using full-spectrum, organic CBD, and vegetable glycerin. The simple list of ingredients that goes into making Synerva CBD Oil’s vape oils means that you can combine your favorite vape liquids for added flavor.

Vegetable glycerin is thought to be the healthiest option when making vape liquids. Vegetable glycerin does not contain many of the potentially harmful chemicals that are often found in e-liquids.

As an added bonus, Synerva CBD Oil’s vape e-liquids are completely nicotine free, making them a great option for those who are looking for a cigarette alternative.

Synerva’s CBD e-liquid comes in a 10ml bottle, making it easy to store and transport. Synerva CBD Oil suggests that each bottle contains approximately 200 drops, with each drop holding around 2.5mg of CBD.

Synerva CBD Oil’s vape e-liquids are simple to use and can be added to your regular vape cartridges or atomizers in just a matter of minutes before being ready to use.

Buy Synerva CBD Oils

You can purchase CBD online directly through Synerva CBD Oil’s website. The online store gives full access to all of the brand’s products, as well as detailed product information and reviews.

The company offers worldwide shipping, with the exact price varying depending on location and the size of the order. For customers based in the UK, shipping is free on all orders over £100. UK customers can also choose from four different delivery options, with the fastest providing guaranteed next day delivery via the Royal Mail for just £7.25 and £11.95 on Saturdays. All UK orders are sent through the Royal Mail with proof of posting and tracking, giving you peace of mind.

International orders can take slightly longer, with Synerva CBD Oil quoting between 5 to 7 working days for most orders.

As well as the online store, Synerva CBD Oil also has bases in Cheshire, Stockport, and Manchester.

Final Thoughts on Synerva CBD Oil

Synerva CBD Oil offers a number of high-quality CBD products designed to promote good health and wellness. Whether you are looking for a natural CBD topical or a tasty, sugar-free CBD gummy, Synerva CBD Oils has the answer.

Synerva CBD Oil only uses CBD that has been derived from organic hemp plants, resulting in effective oils that are a joy to use. Synerva CBD’s oil blend is used throughout the entire product range for consistency that you can trust and rely on, even when trying new products.

While Synerva CBD Oil might be a UK-based company, its products are worth checking out no matter where you are in the world. The combination of organic hemp plants and natural ingredients creates a CBD experience like no other.

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