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Terra Vida Review

The CBD industry has exploded over the last decade; everyone is keen to try the healing power of CBD for themselves and find out if it really is the life-changing compound we keep hearing so much about. The health benefits of CBD are vast, from making lifelong illness feel manageable to acting as a natural skin care product. As research into why we should all be using CBD continues, companies work to expand their brands, creating new and exciting CBD products that we cannot wait to try. There is almost no part of our life that cannot be improved with CBD, whether it is switching out chemically-filled shower gels for a natural CBD infused alternative, or taking daily CBD supplements to boost our immune system.

While it is great to see an ever-expanding range of products and more consumer choice, it can all feel a little overwhelming at times. You are often left wondering which brand you should buy from and whether to opt for different companies, for different forms of CBD or just stick to one. Having just one brand that you can trust to meet all of your CBD needs makes life so much easier. The key is finding one brand that you truly love and can rely on to provide quality across its entire range. Terra Vida is a brand that was recently brought to my attention and offers an extensive range of products, covering every area of CBD that you could ever need.

Always on the lookout for new brands, and especially ones with such a wide choice, I decided to try Terra Vida out for myself.

Who is Terra Vida CBD: Their Founders and More

Terra Vida is a Colorado-based company, with all of the hemp that it uses in its products sourced locally. By keeping both the growing and manufacturing of its products close to home, the company is able to ensure that the highest possible quality is maintained throughout the entire process, from seed to delivery. While Terra Vida is a local company who is keen to promote staying true to its roots, it offers worldwide shipping so that everyone can benefit from its empowering products.

The founders of Terra Vida believe that we should all strive to maintain both a healthy body and mind. This belief is the foundation upon which the Terra Vida brand has been built and is something that shines through in every aspect of the company. In order to achieve true physical and mental health, we must take care of what we put into our bodies, and this is why all of Terra Vida’s products are made from 100% natural and cruelty-free ingredients. Terra Vida believes that what goes into our body shapes who we are, and so only the finest and purest quality CBD is used to ensure that everyone across the world is able to treat their body as it deserves to be treated. All of Terra Vida’s products undergo strict lab testing to ensure that every item shipped to customers meets the company’s high standards.

Terra Vida is famous for its extensive range of products, including CBD drops, a large range of skin care products, and even CBD pet treats. Believing that it is important to have a choice when it comes to what we put into our bodies and how we do so, Terra Vida works continuously to improve and expand upon the products available to customers. Choice is one of the main advantages of CBD – rather than simply popping a few pills every morning CBD allows you to take back control and feel empowered.

Terra Vida CBD Highlights: Everything You Need to Know

  • Extensive Product Range: Terra Vida has one of the largest ranges of CBD products available for international shipping, giving you a choice as to what you put into your body.
  • Excellent Prices: With the aim of making CBD accessible to all, Terra Vida works to ensure that prices are kept as low as possible, and this can be seen through its affordable pricing. The majority of the products in the skincare range are actually cheaper than most regular skin care brands.
  • 100% Natural Ingredients: Terra Vida believes that everything we put into our bodies has an effect on our health and that we should only be consuming 100% natural products that are good for us, rather than cheaper, chemically-filled alternatives.

Terra Vida CBD Consumables

One of the most popular ways to consume CBD is orally; this provides a full body experience and is perfect for both maintaining overall health and also for treating specific conditions. Terra Vida offers their customers a wide selection of different CBD consumables, believing that everyone should have a choice as to the products that work best for them.

Terra Vida oils are available in a variety of different strengths, allowing you to choose the right dosage for your body. Oils start with a gentle 250mg of CBD and go all the way up to 5000mg, while a lower dosage is ideal for use as a daily supplement, a much stronger dose will be better for targeting long term conditions. Oils are super easy to use and can either be placed under your tongue for fast absorption or added to food for a delayed reaction.

For those who need a portable and discreet CBD solution, Terra Vida softgels and capsules are the perfect solutions. Packaged in small transportable packaging, they can be tossed into your bag and taken with you wherever you go. Capsules also come in a range of different strengths and pack all of the same natural goodness as oils.

CBD edibles are a huge part of the CBD market, offering a fun and delicious way to consume CBD. Terra Vida gummies are packed with a sweet, fruity flavor, as well as all of the health benefits that we know and love from CBD. Gummies are a great way to treat your body to a small dose of CBD throughout the day and are super discreet, meaning that you can even enjoy them at work.

Terra Vida CBD Skin Care

terra vida cbd review

A healthy body is about more than just maintaining an internal balance; it is also about ensuring that your outer body stays strong and healthy too. With this in mind, Terra Vida has carefully designed a range of products to help you keep your skin looking and feeling great.

You no longer have to use chemical-filled cosmetics from your local drug store, because Terra Vida has your entire skin care routine covered. The range includes a CBD cleanser and toner for cleansing your skin and removing the impurities that our skin picks up throughout the day. There are also creams for every occasion, such as a night-time revitalizing cream, a day protect cream, and even a eye cream.

All Terra Vida skin care products are infused with CBD, giving your skin an extra healthy glow.

Terra Vida CBD Wellness

Terra Vida is a brand primarily focused on promoting wellness and overall health; it is therefore not surprising that it offers customers an extensive range of products focused on wellness. With products designed to cover every area of a busy, and sometimes crazy, 21st century lifestyle, Terra Vida sells products including sleep aid sprays, relaxation sprays, and aftersun creams.

Whether you struggle with daily anxiety, a general lack of energy during the day, or find it challenging to get to sleep at night, there is something in this range just for you. The Terra Vida range of sprays is designed to be sprayed directly into your mouth for maximum absorption and fast acting effects. Sprays include sleep aids, stress relievers, energy boosts, weight loss supplements, and a general wellness option.

You can also choose from creams and gels formulated to moisturize and protect your skin from becoming damaged and irritated. It is nice to see a choice between roll-ons and creams, as this allows you to select products that work around your lifestyle.

Terra Vida CBD Animals and Pets

terra vida cbd reviews

Terra Vida believes in promoting wellness for the whole family, including your furry friends, and so has created a range of pet-friendly CBD products to help improve both their mental and physical health. Understanding that every animal is different, the brand has created an entire range of products dedicated to pets so that you are sure to find the perfect solution for your animal.

CBD drops are perfect for fuzzy pets who do not react well to new treats or medication. Simply place a few drops into their food and watch as they enjoy their dinner. Sprays are ideal for calming anxious pets and can be easily sprayed directly into your pet’s mouth, with almost immediate effects.

CBD treats are a great addition to your pet’s diet, giving them something to look forward to each day. Treats pack all of the same healthy goodness as drops in tasty, meaty flavored treats that your pets will love.

CBD shampoo is the perfect way to treat skin irritations because there is nothing worse than watching your cat or dog chew at their fur in an attempt to stop itching or soreness. CBD shampoo has been designed to be used just like regular pet shampoo so that your pets do not even notice the difference. As an extra bonus, Terra Vida shampoo gives your pets a pleasing herbal scent.

Terra Vida CBD Spa

terra vida cbd

The Terra Vida CBD spa range is all about taking a little extra time out of your busy life in order to treat yourself and take care of both your mental and physical wellbeing. The range includes everything from shampoo to bath salts, so that you have everything that you could possibly need for a therapeutic spa night at home. Each spa item comes packed with the healing power of CBD, treating your entire body to a much-needed health boost while enjoying some relaxing time to yourself.

Tailor your spa experience to suit you with a choice of CBD infused bubble baths and salts, creating the perfect calming spa experience. Treat every inch of your body with CBD shampoo, body wash, and scrubs and give your skin a rejuvenating boost. The CBD treatment does not stop when you step out of the bath thanks to the company’s healing creams and lotions, which give your body a healthy shine.

Terra Vida CBD Costs

  • Terra Vida Oils

CBD Drops 250mg (30ml) – $29.00

CBD Drops 500mg (30ml) – $44.00

CBD Drops 1000mg (30ml) – $76.00

CBD Drops Zero THC 1000mg (30ml) – $81.00

CBD Drops 2500mg (30ml) – $146.50

CBD Drops Zero THC 2500mg (30ml) – $139.00

CBD Drops 5000mg (30ml) – $249.00

CBD Drops Zero THC 5000mg (30ml) – $229.00

  • Terra Vida Capsules

CBD Softgels 900mg (30 capsules) – $78.00

CBD Softgels Zero THC 900mg (30 capsules) – $78.00

CBD Capsules 750mg (30 capsules) – $68.00

  • Terra Vida Edibles

CBD Gummies 20mg (pack of 5) – $16.00

CBD Gummies 20mg (pack of 10) – $28.00

CBD Gummies 20mg (pack of 30) – $69.00

CBD Gummies 20mg (pack of 50) – $102.00

  • Terra Vida Topicals

CBD Day Skin Reviver Cream (30ml) – $41.00

CBD Age Fighting Cream (30ml) – $39.50

CBD Nightly Revitalizing Cream (30ml) – $33.50

CBD Face Toner (118ml) – $30.00

CBD Face Cleanser (118ml) – $33.50

CBD Day & Night Face Moisture (30ml) – $33.50

CBD Tattoo (30ml) – $35.50

CBD Decolletage & Neck Cream (30ml) – $33.50

CBD Eye Cream (15ml) – $35.50

Body Moisture Blast Butter (112ml) – $37.00

CBD Radiance Cream with Collagen & Retinol (15ml) – $35.00

CBD Relief Roll-on Gel (90ml) – $58.50

CBD Relief Salve (1oz) – $66.00

CBD After Sun Renew & Rejuvenate (60ml) – $61.50

CBD Before & After Radiation Cream (60ml) – $62.50

  • Terra Vida Sprays

CBD Good Night Sleep Oral Spray (8ml) – $29.00

CBD Slim Down Oral Spray (8ml) – $27.50

CBD Anti-Stress & Relaxation Oral Spray (8ml) – $32.00

CBD Energy Boost Oral Spray (8ml) – $27.50

CBD Health & Wellness oral Spray (8ml) – $27.50

  • Terra Vida Pet Products

CBD Pet Oral Drops (30ml) – $41.00

CBD Pet Stress-Free Oral Spray (8ml) – $27.50

CBD Chew Treats for Pets (60g) – $46.00

CBD Pet Conditioning Shampoo (236ml) – $30.00

CBD Salt & Sugar Scrub (8oz) – $33.00

  • Terra Vida Spa Range

CBD Moisturizing Conditioner (236ml) – $53.00

CBD Body Healing Cream (8oz) – $49.50

CBD Bubble Bath (236ml) – $38.50

CBD Hand & Body Wash (236ml) – $45.00

CBD Bath Salts (16oz) – $52.50

CBD Brown Sugar Scrub (8oz) – $58.50

CBD Nourishing Shampoo (236ml) – $48.00

CBD Hand & Body Lotion (8oz) – $49.50

CBD Massage Oil (118ml) – $34.00

CBD Silk Massage Candle (7oz) – $55.00

Final Thoughts on Terra Vida CBD

Terra Vida is a brand focused on empowerment and free choice, believing that CBD gives people a natural way to be good to their body and mind and ensure that they are in control of their own health. All Terra Vida products are made from 100% natural ingredients, which is one of the key things that I look out for in a CBD brand, and it is great to see a company so committed to giving customers back control over what goes into their bodies.

The wide range of products definitely makes Terra Vida a contender for anyone looking for one brand that they can purchase all of their CBD products from; even having a variety of pet products, this company really does have the whole family covered. I was extremely pleased by the quality of Terra Vida’s products, and it is definitely a brand that I would recommend to friends.

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