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Trokie CBD [ Personal Experience ]

Trokie Review

The world of CBD, or cannabidiol, products has branched out considerably from its roots in recent years. While it was originally known as something only within the marijuana community and considered more of an additional health supplement, it has now become its own medicinal market. Which has led to millions of people buying products every year for all manner of different conditions.

However, most brands haven’t quite caught up with this change in acceptance – they still frequently market themselves as if they were only being sold to stoners. Rather than those looking for a pleasant health supplement.

What we really need is a brand that understands the medicinal use of cannabidiol and gears its brand towards it. Thankfully, this is exactly what we have found in Trokie. 

Who Is Trokie: Building on Experience

trokie cbd

Trokie was originally founded by a pharmaceutical executive with a massive amount of experience getting cannabis products patented for medicinal use. This executive, Dr. Crowley, wanted to create a safer and more reliable space to buy products, as he found that consumers were consistently struggling with lack of knowledge about the products.

A big part of this problem was that many retailers marketed themselves as being linked to cannabis or recreational usage, rather than as a medicinal supplement.

Trokie’s desire to stay away from this image is immediately apparent on visiting their website, as it seems like a state-sponsored medical website rather than a brand.

However, not only has Trokie dedicated themselves to focusing almost entirely on making sure their branding reflects medical use, but they have also dedicated themselves to an entirely different form of imbibing cannabidiol: CBD lozenges.

While most people are more familiar and comfortable with using oil to imbibe, Trokie focuses on lozenges. These are zero-calorie, CBD-filled lozenges, similar to the cough sweets you use for a sore throat.

Trokie also sells a variety of other products, as well as regular capsulesand oilsbut their main focus is definitely the lozenges.

Trokie Highlights: Reasons for Their Success

  • Major Focus on Medical Branding: Instead of designing all of their product packaging with marijuana leaves, Trokie has dedicated its branding to spreading awareness of the medical applications instead.
  • Novel Products: Alongside the regular capsules and topicals, Trokie offers their own Trokie Lozenges, an entirely new and interesting way to take cannabidiol.
  • A Keen Focus on Wholesale: Trokie is dedicated to getting their products into stores nationwide, so you can expect to find the Trokie brand in a myriad of different retailers.

Trokie CBD Lozenges


Trokie’s flagship product is their Lozenges. It’s a somewhat revolutionary idea – instead of having to imbibe cannabidiol in pill form or using greasy oils, you can simply take a convenient lozenge, and enjoy the effect of CBD.

This small little pellet of CBD is surprisingly similar to a regular throat sweet that would dissolve on your tongue and coat the product on your throat. Only this time, instead of using the lozenges to soothe an aching throat, you get a full dose of cannabidiol.

Each lozenge is designed to offer you 10mg of CBD each, giving you a nice amount of control over the amount that you choose to put into your body. What is really interesting, however, is that it is not just cannabidiol – some of the Trokie Lozenges actually come with THC.

You can either buy a CBD-only pack, containing 10 servings of 10mgs, or you can buy a THC & CBD pack, which contains varying concentrations of each.

This makes it massively easy to control the degree to which you medicate yourself using cannabinoids and is something that really sets Trokie apart from other brands offering similar products.

Alongside these different permutations of the Trokie Lozenge, you can also choose to include a serving of melatonin within each lozenge, something that helps you get to sleep a great deal easier, as well as just generally making your life a lot more pleasant. This is a great addition, as it means you can buy one box for use throughout the day, and then another one to use in the night-time.

The one big problem with these lozenges, and indeed with all Trokie products, is the fact that they do not sell their products to individual consumers. Trokie prefers to focus their selling efforts on offering their goods to wholesalers, which means that they do not sell their products on their website. Instead, you need to go to an independent retailer, either online or in a brick and mortar store.

While this does make it very convenient to buy their products, it raises the issue of differentiated pricing – different stores will sell the same Trokie products at different rates.

The primary reason for this, especially for the Trokie lozenges, is because they offer some of them with a dose of THC. This dose is far above the maximum allowed in those US states that do not have medically legalized THC products available.

So, although Trokie’s lozenges are something you should definitely try, you might struggle to find any that are priced fairly and similarly to other stores. This is due to the fact that every store can simply set their own prices.

If you want to try Trokie’s products, but don’t feel like embracing their lozenges, then they also offer a variety of other products for sale as well.

Trokie CBD Nanocapsules

trokie reviews

The use of capsules is almost as common as regular oil, as it offers the same dosages but without the unpleasant taste of cannabinoids that some people find off-putting. Additionally, capsules are very discreet, allowing you to take them with ease and not having to worry about being observed or judged for taking supplements.

Trokie’s capsules are a little bit different than regular pills, however, as they utilize nanocapsule technology. Which is when the actual particle size of the cannabidiol within the capsule has been artificially reduced to only 11 nanometers. 

This smaller size makes it a lot easier for the body to absorb and begin working on the particles, so these nanocapsules are a great way to get fast-acting cannabidiol relief.

As with the lozenges, you can choose exactly what kind of dosage you want within your individual capsules. You can either get 20 pills containing 25mg of CBD; or you can get a 1:1:1 ratio of CBD, THCa, and THC. Allowing for a more mixed cannabinoid effect and for the beginnings of the entourage effect to take hold.

You can also pick up these nanocapsules in just pure THC form, with each pill offering up 10mg of either indica or sativa THC.

Whatever you prefer, this product has the massive advantage of being able to fully customize it, making it incredibly easy to use. And you can be quick to decide exactly what kind of cannabinoid content you want in your nanocapsules.

Trokie CBD Patch

Alongside all the regular products offered by Trokie, as well as the unconventional lozenge, is their Patches. This is a fast-acting localized pain relief designed to be used on a particular area that is suffering from temporary pain, such as from back pain or general muscle soreness.

The interesting thing about this patch is that it not only contains cannabidiol for helping soothe the injured area. But it also contains the very highest dose of lidocaine that is possible to be purchased without a prescription. Which makes this an incredibly effective and powerful product. Simply apply the patch and leave for up to 12 hours to feel the full effects.

This product represents a considerable deviation from other brands. As most of the time, many brands will only ever focus on minor cannabidiol use. But Trokie understands that their products have a place as well, hence why they have created this lidocaine-enriched patch.

Trokie CBD Topicals

Finally, Trokie also offers a variety of topical products, designed to be applied directly to any injured areas or uncomfortable patches of skin.

The topicals are another incredibly popular product on the market because they combine the effectiveness of oil with the ability to apply it directly to the injured area. Trokie offers a myriad of different types of topicals, each with a particular purpose in mind.

One of their topical ranges are their CBD salves, these are available in either Original Pain Relief or Cooling Pain Relief. These salves contain 150mg of CBD and are designed to either suppress pain using rosemary and aloe vera or to cool a burning area using camphor and wintergreen oil.

All of Trokie’s topical products are not only enriched with cannabidiol but also come packed with other natural herbs and supplements, all designed to best combat the particular issue at hand.

Trokie also offers a moisturizing body butter that they call Buttercreams. These are made with shea butter, mango and a variety of natural fats and flavorings, all designed to not only enrich and moisturize your skin but also to leave any injured or damaged area feeling fresh and able to heal. 

The Buttercreams are available in the same varieties as the salves, either in Original Pain Relief or with Cooling as well.

Finally, Trokie offers a spray, which is designed more for individual wound care.

Their primary spray, the First Aid Wound Care Spray, is to be used on open wounds or fresh injuries, containing plenty of natural antiseptics and additives to help promote fast healing and painless regrowth of the surrounding skin.

They also offer a regular Cooling Action CBD Spray to help cool down unpleasant sunburn. However, the most unique Spray Trokie offers is their Tattoo Care Spray, which is designed to help protect and promote the healing of recent tattoos.

Nowhere else offers this kind of specialized product. Making it very convenient to help deal with that unique pain of having just gotten a fresh tattoo using this Tattoo Care Spray.

How to Buy Trokie CBD Products: Looking Elsewhere

The trick with wanting to enjoy Trokie products lies in somehow finding them on the market. 

Due to the fact that Trokie does not actually sell its products from the website, you need to find a reliable retailer. You can do this either online or in a regular retailer on your local high street. 

However, Trokie understands the inherent difficulties of trying to find the right store, so they offer a convenient tool on their website to make finding their products near your location that much easier. They provide a helpful list of all the other retailers that stock their products.

Trokie seems like a strange brand at first glance. Instead of offering the standard spiel about all the benefits of all-natural hemp and discussing the unfairness of the world of marijuana legislation, Trokie is instead all about medical results.

With a clean, almost stark website design and a massive focus on the actual effects and reliability of their products, Trokie is all about encouraging people to use their products. Not just as a healthy supplement, but as a genuine medical treatment for all manner of different problems.

This is admirable in itself, but Trokie is also pushing the boundaries of what is considered acceptable products by offering a whole host of unique and interesting products, such as their varying sprays and their lozenges.

So, if you are looking for a brand that not only takes itself seriously but also offers consistently high-quality products and cares about your wellbeing, you definitely need to give Trokie a try. You just need to somehow find a store nearby that actually sells their products first.

Customer Reviews Based on 5 reviews

  • Tiffany Smith
    I feel inflated

    Trokie is a brand that we can truly call customer oriented. Like fad diets and extreme workouts to be the in thing of the 21st Century, I can bet that Trokie is going to be the leader too among CBDs. They sell some select products and at affordable prices. They sell all over the Americas and the Europe and many other places too. And they always take in customer feedback very seriously to come up with remedies quickly. I have myself tried this a few times and I feel inflated when they take a suggestion from some common man like me so seriously.

  • Andrew Day
    Keep it grounded

    They call themselves as a treatment to many problems, but that is not exactly as I felt after using Trokie. They are not able to cure. They are able to provide relief temporarily, but that they do in a much commendable manner. So worth every drop that you consume, but keep your expectations grounded.

  • Tyrone Mays
    Quite contended

    Trokie feels like a candy to me. I take the oil empty stomach whenever I take it, my usage is a bit random. Trokie makes me feel light and weightless. Perhaps produces a mild high like situation. I am contended and not looking form more CBD brands. It works good on the skin, on the brain and on the physical body.

  • Charles Barker
    The two packs

    The “THC and CBD” pack is better than the only “CBD” pack. I am talking from an efficacy point of view. The rates are affordable for both of these packs, but the results are quite different from one another. On the whole, I would rate Trokie a five on five in terms of brand review.

  • Rachel Davis
    This is by far the greatest CBD option I've tried

    I like this for two reasons. First- they are available at retail stores and I always like to buy things physically rather than the online mode. Second they say they are medicinal CBD. I have tried Trokie as I am using it regularly it is just marvelous.

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