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Colorado is seen as the birthplace of the modern CBD industry, leading the way in research and growing techniques. While other states are slowly creeping their way up to the same level, Colorado remains the primary source of high-quality, reliable CBD. One of the main reasons for this is due to the state’s harsh laws governing how plants can be grown.

When shopping for CBD products and searching for quality, it is essential to look for information about where the hemp being used is grown. Products made from Colorado-grown hemp plants will have been developed in line with the state’s strict regulations. As a result, these products are extremely high-quality.

Try The CBD is a Colorado-based brand that uses locally grown hemp in all of its products and guarantees to deliver real Colorado quality. Let’s take a closer look at Try The CBD and find out if it lives up to Colorado’s reputation.

Who Are Try The CBD?

Based in Denver, Colorado, Try The CBD can take advantage of the high-quality hemp grown around them to create a diverse range of different CBD products. With everything from pet products to tasty vape oils, Try The CBD offers many exciting ways to try CBD.

Over a third of the hemp grown within the US comes from Colorado, making it the country’s largest hemp supplier. A combination of the altitude and the mineral-rich soil means that plants can grow to their full potential and produce large, robust yields.

Colorado also has strict regulations in place for how hemp plants can be grown; this results in higher quality plants. This high quality is reflected through Try The CBD’s entire product range.

All of the CBD used in Try The CBD’s products is sourced from organic, non-GMO Colorado farms. Eco-friendly methods of extraction are then used to ensure that the quality of the cannabinoids within the plants is retained for potent, long-lasting effects.

Try The CBD uses multiple third-party labs to test every batch and ensure that all of the products are free from contaminants and that quality and potency is consistent.

All of Try The CBD’s products come complete with a QR code which you can scan to view the lab tests for each item you purchase. Alternatively, the results can be viewed through Try The CBD’s website before you shop. It is great to see a brand that delivers true transparency and believes in customers being given as much information as possible. 

Try The CBD’s website is packed with helpful information, designed to guide you and help you feel confident. Each product has a page dedicated to thoroughly explaining how it works, its benefits, and usage steps to maximize health benefits. It is nice to see so much time and effort, having gone into creating a helpful website.

Try The CBD Highlights

Third-Party Lab Testing: Delivering consistently high quality is essential at Try The CBD, and therefore the brand uses third-party lab testing to ensure that this is the case. All of the results can be easily found on Try The CBD’s website, as well as within your order.

Colorado-Grown Hemp: Try The CBD only uses Colorado-grown hemp. Known for its exceptional quality, Colorado hemp helps to set Try The CBD’s products apart from other brands.

Affordable Pricing: Try The CBD aims to keep the price of all of their products as affordable as possible. This is so everyone can access CBD and all of its health benefits.

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Try The CBD Full Spectrum Oils        


CBD oil is the base for many different CBD products, but it can also be used on its own as a way of avoiding unnecessary added ingredients. Many people prefer to use CBD oils over other forms of CBD, as it offers a natural experience. Try The CBD has two different oils for customers to choose from.

Try The CBD’s full-spectrum oil provides the closest to nature experience possible in modern form. Gentle extraction methods are used to retain all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, minerals, and terpenes found within hemp plants.

The result is a nutrient-rich oil that fills your body with a range of different cannabinoids, including CBD, which all work together for maximum health benefits.

Full-spectrum oils are available in four different strengths, ranging from 500mg up to 5000mg for a much stronger dose. The 500mg option is ideal for those who are new to CBD and are looking for a daily supplement as opposed to a way of managing particular health conditions.

Try The CBD full-spectrum CBD oils are also packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, making them the perfect all-natural alternative to the chemical-filled supplements that you find in your local pharmacy.

Each bottle of oil comes with a convenient built-in dropper, making them super easy and mess-free to use. A nice feature is that the dropper has to measure increments written along one side.

This allows you to measure precise amounts of oil so that you get the same dosage with each drop.

Try The CBD THC-Free Oils    

Try The CBD’s THC-free oils provide a slightly different experience to the full-spectrum oils. Rather than containing all of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp plants, CBD is the only cannabinoid extracted and used.

This method of extraction guarantees that the oils to contain zero THC, so you never have to worry about experiencing psychoactive effects. It also means they are legal to use in all states as they contain absolutely no intoxicating compounds.

THC-free oils come in five different strengths ranging from 200mg up to 3000mg. This allows those new to CBD to start with a low dose and slowly adjust the strength as their body builds up a tolerance.

Just like Try The CBD’s full spectrum oils, THC-free oils also come in convenient bottles that are easy to take with you wherever you go. They also include helpful measurements as part of the dropper. 

Try The CBD Capsules


CBD capsules provide a quick and easy way to take CBD regularly. They are also super discreet, allowing you to use them in social situations and at work without having to worry about answering unwanted questions.

Try The CBD capsules are made using completely natural formula, combining hemp oil with coconut oil, and plant-derived starches and cellulose for structure.

This plant-based formula not only means that Try The CBD capsules are suitable for vegans, but it also makes them easy for your body to break down and process. Unlike many other brands, Try The CBD capsules can be taken even on an empty stomach, making them even more convenient.

Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD and guarantees that you always get a precise dosage as the CBD. This is the perfect solution for anyone who worries about consistency and accidentally measuring out the wrong dosage.

Try The CBD uses advanced equipment, removing the chance for human error, and ensuring that you always get the same dose with each capsule, for predictable effects that you can rely on.

Try The CBD Vapes

Vaping has become one of the most popular ways to enjoy CBD. Vapes provide all of the same health benefits as oils but with the bonus of being available in a wide range of fun, delicious flavors.

Try The CBD has all of your vaping needs covered with a wide range of different vaping products, all available in several exciting flavors and strains. Whether you are looking for a super quick, disposable vape cartridge or customizable oils, Try The CBD is sure to have the ideal solution for you.

The Hemp Oil Vape Pens are pre-filled pens containing Try The CBD’s popular high-quality CBD. Customers can choose from many different strains, including all-time favorites such as Pineapple Express, OG KUSH, and Green Crack. Pens are guaranteed to contain zero THC, allowing you to vape anywhere that allows regular vaping. 

Try The CBD Vape Cartridges can be used with most standard vape pens, providing you with all of your favorite strains in an easy to use form. Among the many different strains, you will find Super Lemon Haze and Granddaddy Purple.

For each strain, there are two different strength options to choose from: 300mg and 500mg. This allows you to customize your individual vaping experience and ensure that you receive the right dosage to suit your healthcare needs. Try The CBD cartridges are perfect for convenience as you do not have to worry about the mess and measuring oils; everything you need is in one small cartridge ready to be vaped.

The CBD Vape Oils offer a more flexible vaping experience and are ideal for those who enjoy creating unique vape mixtures. Made using CBD oil, coconut oil, and natural terpene flavors, the vape oils provide the same healthy experience as regular oils. There are two different strength options to choose from: 1000mg and 3000mg. There is also a long list of popular strains on offer, all of which are 100% THC and nicotine-free.

Try The CBD Pets


Try The CBD believe that everyone, whether human or animal, should be able to benefit from CBD. Thanks to Try The CBD’s specially formulated pet oil, this is now possible.

Suitable for cats and dogs, the pet oil is 100% THC free and guaranteed to be packed with all of the nutrients that your pets need to live a happy and healthy life. Each bottle of oil contains 600mg of CBD and comes complete with detailed guidance as to how it should be used depending on the size and age of your pets.

Pet oils have been designed to be flavorless so that even the pickiest of animals can use CBD with ease. Oils can also be added to your pet’s food and go almost unnoticed, making it easier than ever to keep your furry friends healthy.

Try The CBD Costs

Try The CBD Capsules

750mg Full Spectrum CBD Capsules (30 count) – $49.99

1500mg Full Spectrum CBD Capsules (60 count) – $94.99

1500mg CBD Capsules THC Free (60 count) – $144.99

750mg CBD Capsules THC Free (30 count) – $49.99

250mg CBD Capsules (10 count) – $29.99

125mg CBD Capsules (5 count) – $15.99

Try The CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate 1000mg – $29.99

CBD Isolate 500mg – $14.49

Try The CBD Oil

Full Spectrum 500mg CBD Tincture – $34.99

Full Spectrum 1500mg CBD Tincture – $89.99

Full Spectrum 3000mg CBD Tincture – $149.99

Full Spectrum 5000mg CBD Tincture – $234.99

CBD Oil 3000mg THC Free – $149.99

CBD Oil 1500mg THC Free – $89.99

CBD Oil 1000mg THC Free – $54.99

CBD Oil 600mg THC Free – $39.99

CBD Oil 200mg THC Free – $19.99

Try The CBD Shatter

G.S.C CBD Shatter 1000mg – $54.99

Gorilla Glue #4 CBD Shatter 1000mg – $54.99

Grand Daddy Purple CBD Shatter 1000mg – $54.99

OG KUSH CBD Shatter 1000mg – $54.99

Pineapple Express CBD Shatter 1000mg – $54.99

Super Lemon Haze CBD Shatter 1000mg – $54.99

Try The CBD Topicals

500mg CBD Barrier Balm – $49.99

500mg CBD Rescue Butter – $49.99

CBD Lip Balm 50mg – $7.99

CBD Massage Oil 250mg – $24.99

500mg CBD Muscle Gel – $49.99

Try The CBD Vape Cartridges

300mg Vape Pen Cartridge (Available in a range of different strains) – $34.99

500mg Vape Pen Cartridge (Available in a range of different strains) – $49.99

Try The CBD Vape Oils

1000mg Vape Oil (Available in over 10 different strains) – $49.99

3000mg Vape Oil (Available in over 10 different strains) – $149.99

Try The CBD Vape Pens

200mg CBD Disposable Vape Pen Pineapple Express – $27.99

300mg CBD Disposable Vape Pen (Available in 7 different strains) – $34.99

Try The CBD Pet Oils

Pet CBD Oil 600mg – $39.99

How to Buy Try The CBD Products

Try The CBD products are currently only available to those based in the US, although it may be possible to find a third-party stockist who offers international shipping options.

The exact price of shipping varies depending on location and the size of your order. Try The CBD uses USPS to ship all of its orders. Try The CBD offers free shipping to all contingent US states when you spend $75 or more.

Try The CBD offers a lifetime 30% discount for all military personnel, firefighters, seniors, and government employees. The same discount also applies to those who earn a low income and students.

The Try The CBD loyalty program, allows you to earn points every time you shop through their online store. These points can then be used to redeem special offers, helping you to save a little extra with each shop. By signing up for the program, you also qualify for a special birthday surprise from Try The CBD.

Final Verdict About Try The CBD

Try The CBD uses high-quality Colorado-grown hemp to create and sell a wide range of different CBD products. The brand’s commitment to delivering both quality and transparency is reflected through the entire site, as well as the final products.

Try The CBD encourages its customers to learn the science behind CBD and to understand the products that they are purchasing. Lab results can also be easily accessed, ensuring that customers know exactly what each product in their purchase contains. Try The CBD’s efforts in CBD education help to move the industry forward and ensure that it continues to grow.

If you are new to the CBD market and have been considering making healthy alterations to your healthcare routine, Try The CBD is an excellent place to start. Why not head over to their website and start learning about the benefits of CBD today?

Official Site: trythecbd.com
10% Coupon Code: knodeal10

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