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Tweedle Farms

Tweedle Farms Review

The industry is at an all-time high; there has never been such a wide range of unique and interesting products right at our fingertips. Increased awareness of the health benefits of cannabidiol, or CBD, has led to it becoming one of the most popular forms of natural health supplement. In turn, this has resulted in what feels like an endless choice of products to try.

While most brands are focused on introducing new and exciting ways to consume cannabidiol, Tweedle Farms has taken a slightly different and more authentic approach. Tweedle Farms is a brand focused on delivering cannabidiol in its purest form; rather than heavily processing their products to create gummies or topicals.

I was intrigued by Tweedle Farms’ all-natural approach and decided to try out some of their products for myself. Let’s take a closer look at Tweedle Farms and find out what sets them apart from other brands and whether you should try their range.

Who Is Tweedle Farms: A Home-Grown Brand

Tweedle Farms is located in Northwest Oregon and is a family-run business specializing in growing and processing high-CBD, terpene-rich hemp flowers.

Tweedle Farms uses its high quality and powerful hemp flowers to create products, including vape cartridges and pre-rolled joints. For those who prefer to experience it in its most natural form, you can also purchase pure dried flowers and small buds, which you can then process and use as you wish.

In order to ensure that all plants meet Tweedle Farms’ exceptionally high standards, all plants are grown free from all harmful chemicals; this includes pesticides, sprays, or artificial fertilizers. Every batch undergoes extensive lab testing to double-check for any potential contaminants that could be present and if found are removed.

Lab results also show the exact cannabinoid and terpenes content of each item; this information forms part of the products final packaging providing you with the important information you need. It is rare for brands to actually include lab results in with your order; the information is normally limited to their site or even hidden from public view.

For me, being able to see each product’s lab report is important, as it allows me to know exactly what I am putting into my body and fills me with a sense of confidence.

Tweedle Farms is continuously introducing new strains to their range while also retiring older strains. They even have a section on their website dedicated to archived strains for customers to view. This keeps the selection of products feeling fresh and exciting, as every visit to their store has the potential to introduce you to your new favorite strain.

Tweedle Farms consistently receive high reviews, with customers praising both the quality of their products and the fantastic customer service offered by the Tweedle Farms family. Tweedle Farms has worked hard to build a brand that people trust and know that they can rely on to deliver the very best hemp products to their door.

Tweedle Farms CBD Highlights: How Hard Work Pays Off

  • Safe and Secure Packaging: Tweedle Farms goes the extra mile when it comes to the packaging and shipment of their products. All orders come packaged in multiple layers, carefully put together to ensure that your order arrives safely at your door.
  • Affordable Prices: Tweedle Farms has somehow managed to combine both exceptional quality and low prices, something that is hard to find. By keeping prices as low as possible, Tweedle Farms has been able to make its products accessible to all, so that money never has to stand in the way of health.
  • Informative Lab Reports: Every order comes complete with a detailed lab report for each item. These reports allow you to see the exact cannabinoid and terpene break down of each item so that you know exactly what you are putting into your body.

Tweedle Farms CBD Vape Cartridges

Tweedle Farms vape cartridges are the perfect way to enjoy cannabidiol while on the go. With just a few puffs, you start to feel it take hold of your body. Each cartridge is made using high-quality cannabis-derived terpenes for an authentic flavor and aroma to match your chosen strain.

Tweedle Farms vape cartridges are available in a range of strains, giving you a choice and the ability to vary your vaping experience. All vape cartridges contain at least 65% CBD for a powerful and effective treat.

The company sells its very own vape pen which has been designed to work seamlessly with their cartridges. For those who already own a vape pen, Tweedle Farms’ cartridges should be compatible, although each pen varies and this cannot be guaranteed.

Tweedle Farms CBD Concentrates

Tweedle Farms concentrates are made from a combination of high quality, organically grown broad-spectrum and plant-derived terpenes. The end result is a thick, creamy wax which can then be broken apart using a dab tool ready to be enjoyed.

Tweedle Farms concentrates come in reuseable pots designed to minimize waste. The screw-top lid allows you to safely and securely store your concentrates, even when taking them out with you in your bag or pocket.

Being able to re-use the pots is a great feature, helping to protect the environment. I always appreciate when a brand thinks beyond the point of sale and considers the long-lasting impact that their products will have on both the customer and the environment.

Tweedle Farms CBD Hemp Flowers

Tweedle Farms CBD Hemp Flowers

Tweedle Farm sells a wide range of hemp flower strains in five different quantity options, starting with 1 gram and going all the way up to 1 ounce. The hemp flowers are the perfect option for those who enjoy cannabidiol in its most natural form or who intend to make their own products as it allows for maximum customization.

Hemp flowers easily grind apart and can be smoked for a quick and effective way to give your body a healthy dose.

All plants are grown within the state of Oregon on organic farms free from all harmful chemicals and toxins, including pesticides and artificial growth enhancers. This adds an extra layer of quality to Tweedle Farms hemp flowers, knowing that you are not filling your body with potentially harmful chemicals.

Tweedle Farms offer a super fun option; a four-strain mystery pack for the more adventurous users out there. The pack contains four 1 gram containers each with a different strain; this is the perfect way to try out new strains while also adding a little excitement to your routine.

Tweedle Farms CBD Pre-Rolls

Tweedle Farms pre-rolls offer a super convenient way to enjoy cannabidiol. Simply light, puff, and enjoy all of the benefits. All pre-rolls are made from the same high-quality hemp plants as the rest of the Tweedle Farms’ range, ensuring their high quality and organic plants.

Tweedle Farms pre-rolls can be used as a healthier alternative to cigarettes, helping you to kick bad habits and start a new healthy lifestyle. Much like cigarettes, they can be enjoyed while on the go, as well as giving you a reason to leave your desk for a quick breath of fresh air throughout the day and some much-needed downtime.

Tweedle Farms pre-rolls are available in a range of different strain options as well as part of a variety pack.

Tweedle Farms CBD: Costs

  • Concentrates

OG Kush High CBD Wax (86%+ CBD) – $45.00

Girl Scout Cookies High CBD Wax (86%+ CBD) – $45.00

AC/DC High CBD Wax (86%+ CBD) – $45.00

Cherry Wine High CBD Wax (86%+ CBD) – $45.00

  • Hemp Flowers

PineBerry Outdoor (18.2% CBDa) – From $9.00

Bast Outdoor (14.5% CBDa) – From $8.00

Lifter Outdoor (18.46% CBDa) – From $8.00

The Jack Outdoor (15.31% CBDa) – From $8.00

Sapphire Outdoor (16.6% CBDa) – From $8.00

Rise Up Outdoor (17.1% CBDa) – From $7.00

Cascade Outdoor (13.4% CBDa) – From $7.00

Silver Haze Greenhouse (18.4) – From $9.00

Cascade Greenhouse (14%) – From $9.00

  • Pre-Rolls

Pre Roll Variety Pack (4 count) – $23.00

Otto Franklin Pre-Rolls (11.33% CBDa) – $7.00

Otto x Cherry #4 Pre-Rolls (18.99% CBDa) – $8.00

Lifter Pre-Rolls (14.8% CBDa) – $8.00

Elektra Pre-Rolls (20.33% CBDa) – $8.00

Kush Hemp Pre-Rolls (17.8% CBDa) – $8.00

  • 1 Ounce Small Buds

Oregon Doc (16.62% CBDa) – $60.00

Bast (16.4% CBDa) – $60.00

Cherry Wine (15.4% CBDa) – $60.00

Rise Up (17.43% CBDa) – $60.00

Lifter (18.46% CBDa) – $60.00

  • Vape Cartridges

Banana Kush Vape cartridge (65%+ CBD) – $45.00

Gelato #33 Vape cartridge (65%+ CBD) – $45.00

Jack Herer Vape cartridge (65%+ CBD) – $45.00

Girl Scout Cookies Vape cartridge (65%+ CBD) – $45.00

  • Other Products

Trim/Shake Mystery Ounce – $20.00

4 Strain Mystery Pack – $20.00

Variable Voltage Vape Battery & Travel Case – $18.00

Variable Voltage Vape Battery & Charger – $12.00

How to Buy Tweedle Farms CBD Products

Tweedle Farms’ products are available directly from their website, with a constantly changing selection of strains to choose from. The company aims to process and ship all orders within 2 working days of receiving your order; you will then receive a tracking number allow you to follow your order all the way to your door.

Tweedle Farms currently only ships with the US and uses the USPS tracked service to deliver all orders. Depending on location orders take between 5 and seven days from dispatch to arrive at your door. Shipping is completely free on orders over $45, making it worthwhile to stock up on all of your favorite Tweedle Farms products in one order.

In order to ensure that you receive your orders just as they are intended, all orders are shipped in sealed resealable Mylar bags, which are placed inside commercial-grade vacuum-sealed bags and placed in bubble envelopes.

The test results for each item within an order are placed on the box with a Notice of Law Enforcement, allowing for smooth and fast shipment. It is great to see a company that has invested so much thought and money into the packaging and shipping of their products so that you are never left disappointed when damaged items arrive at your door.

When you sign up to Tweedle Farms’ newsletter, you receive a discount code for 15% off your next order. This is a great way to keep up-to-date on all of Tweedle Farms latest products and strains, as well as saving you a little extra money.

Tweedle Farms take things back to basics, in a good way. Rather than creating one-time use, novelty products they are focused on delivering quality in a useable form.

While I enjoy the occasional gummy or bath bomb, I’m pleased about the natural approach taken by Tweedle Farms. With this company, you get products that actually work on a day-to-day basis rather than just as a one-off treat.

Tweedle Farms has put a great deal of time and thought into the packaging and shipping of their products, and this is something that has not gone unnoticed by customers. The carefully thought through layers of packaging ensure that you receive your order safely, ready to be enjoyed.

If you are looking to experience CBD in its rawest form, make sure you head off to the Tweedle Farms site and check you their range of products.

Customer Reviews Based on 5 reviews

  • Ann Myers
    Elektra and Otto-X

    The Elecktra and the Otto-X Cherry are the best ones among the pre-rolls in this brand. I use only these two and never try any other CBD brand or never even any other product from this very brand. Love the way they transform my existence from a dull and gloomy feel to a completely vibrant one.

  • Steve Henson
    Shared some

    All shipments are quick and they are delivered on time. It is like processing of requests is instant. The latest holiday packages were wonderful. Like always, these were of utmost quality. I use Tweedle Farms brand to help combat stress and to assist relieve foot pain from an ankle injury. I wouldn’t hesitate to share this with buddies. I shared some of my items with friends and they were all surprised to say the least.

  • Frances Cadwallader

    The best mediocre category CBD oil brand. I do not rate it the best, nor do I rate it the worst on the quality scale. It is a choice that I made because it is a family run home grown variety of hemp. Also I did not wanted to go for very strong components. One of the best one for me, you guys decide on your own.

  • William Phillips
    Off the Usual

    They got quite off the usual products among CBDs. Have tried the injections and the disposable one time rolls. Both are nice and effective. I did not find any problems tolerating them at all. I must say these family owned businesses take extra care on quality. Their products are usually cool and fun to use.

  • Nora Rey
    Great customer service and brand

    Family owned is what inclined me towards Tweedle Farms. I started out with one product during last July. I am using more and more CBD from them since then. I will rate the brand to be very competitive in all respects and I am glad that I made it a choice.

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