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Vape Bright Review

It is always important to choose a CBD vape oil that contains only quality, natural ingredients. This often begins by finding a respectable company with a commitment to superior craftsmanship. Vape Bright is a company that specializes in researching and manufacturing natural CBD vape oils. 

What is it that makes Vape Bright such a unique company? Read on to find out more!

Vape Bright CBD Quick Summary


  • They have top-rated customer care
  • All products are 100% plant-based
  • They accept returns and refunds
  • The product range is third-party lab tested
  • Full-spectrum products available
  • Sells a range of oils, edibles, and more


  • Some products are expensive
  • Doesn’t offer a large selection


If you’re wondering if vaping CBD is safe, you’re not alone. We go over that question and more on our site. Start reading and get informed!

Who Is Vape Bright?

Vape Bright set out with a mission; to build a community of people who believe in CBD. Their goal is to empower the wider public through the potential benefits of plant-based options. Vape Bright wanted to achieve this through fun and convenient products.

The founders of Vape Bright noticed the growing trend in vaping. They began researching and crafted a unique CBD oil. Their product line quickly grew in popularity, thanks to its chemical-free formulation. Vape Bright uses only the finest, organic hemp sourced from a farm in Scandinavia. Their oils also do not contain propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine. Vape Bright provides only the highest quality CBD. The result is a product range that provides consumers with many of the reported benefits of plant-based wellness.

All of Vape Bright’s products are regularly put through rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the company’s high standards. Although their range is a bit limited, they work continuously to expand their vape oils ranges. 

Vape Bright Highlights

  • No added chemicals: Unlike most vape oils, Vape Bright does not use chemical fillers in their vape oils giving you peace of mind that you are not filling your body with harmful toxins.
  • Organic hemp: Vape Bright only uses environmentally friendly, organic hemp in it vape oils, so that you can experience the best that CBD oils have to offer.
  • Affordable: Vape Bright wants to make CBD vaping available to everyone across the world, and this is reflected in the low pricing.

Vape Bright Thrive


Vape Bright’s Thrive range took the CBD vaping market by storm. This product line revolutionized what a single vape cartridge could do. Vape Bright utilized a proprietary formulation to advance how much CBD someone could store in a single cartridge. The result was a cartridge that was more efficient and longer-lasting.

Vape Bright only uses the finest, organically sourced hemp to create its highly concentrated CBD vape oil, with each puff containing 1mg of CBD. All oils are guaranteed not to contain propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin.

The oils contain some terpenes, which occur naturally in hemp plants. These compounds work with the concentrated CBD to give you maximum health benefits. Vape Bright Thrive is available in a 250mg pack and multi-packs of 750mg and 1250mg.

For those new to the world of CBD vaping, Vape Bright also sells starter kits. These kits include everything that you need to make CBD part of your daily routine.

You can also purchase accessories such as a battery, charger, and case. Thanks to the long-life battery that comes with the starter pack, you are guaranteed at least 100 inhalations before needing to recharge.

Consumers can also purchase the Inspire Battery and Charging kit. This kit comes with a 220mAH battery with a battery life indicator and no buttons for a no-hassle experience.

Where Can I Purchase Vape Bright’s Range of Products?

If you’d like to purchase a Vape Bright product, you can head over to their site. They boast fast and efficient shipping options to many areas in the United States and around the world. Consumers not satisfied with their purchase can request a full refund within 30 days.


Final Thoughts on Vape Bright

Vape Bright continues to lead the way when it comes to the ever-growing CBD vaping industry. Their research and development teams continue to make quality vaping available for the majority. Vape Bright oils make for a great addition to your daily health care routine. They also may reinvigorate you and help you to feel youthful and stay brighter for longer.

Vape Bright offers the perfect solution for a fun and convenient way to include CBD in your daily routine. You also won’t have to worry about subjecting your body to added chemicals or harsh compounds. However, we do wish there were more vaping products available on their site. 


Final Verdict: 7.5/10

The Vape Bright company leads the way in vaping with their commitment to superior products. However, if you’re looking to find something new, check out our website information on dabs. Find out if this method can work for you!

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Mary Saenz

Even the most expert vapers, or the most seasoned ones need a portable device as a means to serve as a backup and also as an on-the-go gadget. I started with Vape bright for this reason, it has a very sleek and a very ergonomic well shaped design. However, soon I got so used to it, I started liking this one much better than the rest.

Carol Schenck

If you are looking for the best Vape device, let it be Vape Bright and you’ll have to look no further. I use Vape bright all the time, have got two or three cartridges of the same type and model. Vaping everyday has its own advantages and I have never had any side effects from vape bright. Just enjoying it to the fullest.

James Tillery

I am a great one at bed. Got do many girlfriends and all of them are always boasting and appreciating my skills! Lol. Nevertheless, when I puff vape bright just before the act, it, my capacity hits the top. Not a bad one! Give it a try!

Cynthia Arroyo

I cook kit to carry wherever you go. Vape Bright is a great one to relax and unwind from a hectic day. I am into an IT job that is very demanding. Although I enjoy my work but still, by the evening I am completely exhausted and out of muscle. We were not able to conceive as I never felt like hitting the bed due to fatigue and tiredness. My wife is in a similar job too, so the same with her. So even if sex was there, it was a slow paced boring one. But with Vape Bright, we… Read more »

Samantha Bondi

No matter which pen or device I use for smoking, I always go for the herbs from Vape Bright. Yes, they are so good. I cannot pen down my experience once I smoke. I can shout out to the whole world and recommend this brand happily. And the best part is, it is compatible with most of the devices I have come across so far.

Norri West

To be honest, I tried this because I wanted to try vaping and I did not have a lot to afford. But vape bright has taken me by a total surprise! It is a wonderful high-quality product at such a low price. I never thought this would be possible with CBD and vapes and consider myself lucky to have landed on this one.