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Vape Bright Review

Vaping has taken the world by storm over the last few years, quickly becoming a popular, healthier alternative to smoking. Worryingly, research is starting to show that all too often, dangerous chemical fillers are used within vape oils. And the adverse effects it may have on our health is still not fully understood. It is therefore important when choosing a brand of CBD vape oil to make sure that only natural ingredients are being used, with no added harmful fillers, so that you are not countering the positive health benefits of CBD.

Vape Bright is a company that specializes in researching and manufacturing 100% natural CBD vape oils that are guaranteed to be free from potentially harmful fillers. Having revolutionized the vaping industry, Vape Bright is a brand that you can trust to always put your health first.

What is it that makes Vape Bright such a unique company?

Who is Vape Bright?

Vape Bright set out with a mission; to build a community of people who believe in CBD and its healing power. It allows people who have been empowered by the effects of CBD to come together and ensure that there is no corner of the world where the life-changing effects of CBD cannot be accessed. Introducing CBD into your daily health care routine allows you to thrive, feeling both mentally and physically healthy, ensuring that you are able to live your life to its fullest and enjoy every moment. Vape Bright wanted to create products that allow people to enjoy the benefits of CBD in a fun and convenient way, while still being affordable for all.

Noticing the growing trend in vaping, Vape Bright began researching and formulating a unique CBD oil. Which offer all of the health benefits of CBD, with the extra advantage of being wholly organic. Starting with their Thrive range, Vape Bright quickly grew in popularity, thanks to its 100% natural, chemical-free formula. Only using the finest, organic hemp sourced from a farm in Scandinavia, Vape Bright oils do not contain propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine. These substances are often used as fillers in vape oils and have recently come under much scrutiny for their potentially adverse health effects. With Vape Bright, you are guaranteed to have only the highest quality CBD, which provides all of the health benefits that have made CBD so popular over the last few years. And without having to worry about subjecting your body to dangerous chemicals, which could affect your health even decades later.

Vape Bright has shown that the body can absorb vaporized CBD at a much faster rate than when it is ingested, providing you with a fast-acting way to manage stress, anxiety and physical pain. This makes vaping not just a fun activity and a great alternative to smoking, but also the most effective way to consume CBD. Regular CBD use has been shown to improve overall health, as well as being a great natural anti-inflammatory, helping your body to recover from injuries faster. 

All of Vape Bright’s products are regularly put through rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the company’s high standards, as well as conforming to government regulations. These lab reports can be accessed through the ‘About VB’ section of the website so that you can see exactly what you are buying and enjoy Vape Bright oils with confidence. 

Vape Bright is continuously working to improve and expand their vape oils ranges, bringing you only the purest vape oils that work around your daily routine and are tailored to your health needs.

Vape Bright Highlights

  • No added chemicals: Unlike most vape oils, Vape Bright does not use chemical fillers in their vape oils giving you peace of mind that you are not filling your body with harmful toxins.
  • Organic hemp: Vape Bright only uses environmentally friendly, organic hemp in it vape oils, so that you can experience the best that CBD oils have to offer.
  • Affordable: Vape Bright wants to make CBD vaping available to everyone across the world, and this is reflected in the low pricing.

Vape Bright Thrive

vape bright cbd

Vape Bright’s Thrive range took the CBD vaping market by storm when it was first released, revolutionizing what a single vape cartridge was able to do. Using its unique, extra potent formula, Vape Bright was able to push the limits of how much CBD could be stored in a single cartridge, offering customers affordable, efficient cartridges that last longer. 

Vape Bright only uses the finest, organically sourced hemp to create its highly concentrated CBD vape oil, with each puff containing 1mg of CBD. All oils are guaranteed not to contain propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, which are often used as fillers in vape oils and have potentially dangerous health effects. The oils contain a small amount of terpenes, which occur naturally in hemp plants, working with the concentrated CBD to give you maximum health benefits. 

For those new to the world of CBD vaping, Vape Bright sells starter packs which include everything that you need to make CBD part of your daily routine. Starter packs include your very own vape pen, battery, charger, and case, as well as a full cartridge to get you started. Vape Bright has designed its pens to be as convenient to use as possible; with no annoying buttons, you simply inhale and enjoy. Thanks to the long-life battery that comes with the starter pack, you are guaranteed at least 100 inhalations before needing to recharge. Even the charging process has been made easy, with a standard USB cable being all that you need, so that you can also charge your vape pen while on the go using your phone’s portable charger. 

Vape cartridges are available in both 200mg and 250mg options, helping you to stay brighter for longer.

Vape Bright Inspire

vape bright coupon code

Vape Bright’s new vape range, Inspire, is the world’s first organic CBD vape oil to have added kava in Juul-compatible cartridges. Kava has been used as a natural remedy throughout history due to its anti-anxiety properties, which when combined with CBD enhances its mental relaxation and calming effects. This unique blend of high potency, organic hemp oil, and kava make for a fast-acting form of stress relief, which is 100% natural, with the added long term health benefits of CBD.  

Kava is often recommended as an alternative to alcohol, as it helps to calm your mind and leaves you feeling sociable, without any of the negative side effects that come with drinking just a little too much on a night out. So, the next time you reach for a bottle of vodka to prepare you for a night out, why not try Vape Bright Inspire instead and give your body a boost.

The Inspire Starter Pack contains everything that you need to add some much-needed relaxation to your everyday life, complete with vape pod, battery, and charger. Inspire vape pods come in a Cool Mint flavor, with more options soon to be added. 

Vape Bright CBD Costs

  • Vape Bright Vape Packs

Vape Bright Starter Pack, 200mg W/Battery – $65.00

Thrive Beyond Starter Pack, 250mg W/Battery – $75.00

Vape Bright Battery Charger and Case – $20.00

Inspire Relaxation Starter Pack, 150mg W/Battery – $50.00

Inspire Battery and Charging Kit – $35.00

  • Vape Bright Vape Cartridges

Thrive CBD Vape Cartridge, 200mg – $45.00

Thrive Beyond CBD Vape Cartridge, 250mg – $65.00

3 Pack, Thrive CBD Vape Cartridge, 600mg – $128.00

5 Pack, Thrive CBD Vape Cartridge, 1000mg – $202.00

Inspire Relaxation CBD Vape Pod, 150mg – $30.00

3 Pack Inspire Relaxation CBD Vape Pod, 450mg – $90.00

Final Thoughts on Vape Bright

Vape Bright continues to lead the way when it comes to the ever-growing CBD vaping industry, researching and developing revolutionary products that make vaping available for the majority. Designed to brighten your world and keep you feeling fit and energetic for longer, Vape Bright oils make for the perfect addition to your daily health care routine, helping you to feel youthful and stay brighter for longer. 

If you are looking for a fun and convenient way to include CBD in your daily routine without having to worry about subjecting your body to added chemicals, check out Vape Bright’s website and start your brighter, healthier lifestyle now.

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Carol Schenck

If you are looking for the best Vape device, let it be Vape Bright and you’ll have to look no further. I use Vape bright all the time, have got two or three cartridges of the same type and model. Vaping everyday has its own advantages and I have never had any side effects from vape bright. Just enjoying it to the fullest.

James Tillery

I am a great one at bed. Got do many girlfriends and all of them are always boasting and appreciating my skills! Lol. Nevertheless, when I puff vape bright just before the act, it, my capacity hits the top. Not a bad one! Give it a try!

Cynthia Arroyo

I cook kit to carry wherever you go. Vape Bright is a great one to relax and unwind from a hectic day. I am into an IT job that is very demanding. Although I enjoy my work but still, by the evening I am completely exhausted and out of muscle. We were not able to conceive as I never felt like hitting the bed due to fatigue and tiredness. My wife is in a similar job too, so the same with her. So even if sex was there, it was a slow paced boring one. But with Vape Bright, we… Read more »

Samantha Bondi

No matter which pen or device I use for smoking, I always go for the herbs from Vape Bright. Yes, they are so good. I cannot pen down my experience once I smoke. I can shout out to the whole world and recommend this brand happily. And the best part is, it is compatible with most of the devices I have come across so far.

Norri West

To be honest, I tried this because I wanted to try vaping and I did not have a lot to afford. But vape bright has taken me by a total surprise! It is a wonderful high-quality product at such a low price. I never thought this would be possible with CBD and vapes and consider myself lucky to have landed on this one.

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