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"I Bought CBD for my Dog and This is What Happened…[Testimonial]"

May 22, 2018

"I Bought CBD for my Dog and This is What Happened...[Testimonial]"

Since their domestication, dogs have been known as “man’s best friend.” However, most people who have ever owned a dog would tell you that dogs are far more than just friends, they are an integral and deeply loved part of the family.

Which is why when your dog is ailing, you would be willing to do just about anything to help them out. Certainly, this is the case in my house where our two dogs, a 7-year-old Chihuahua-Dachshund named Horatio and Kira, our 15-year-old American Bulldog-Beagle, are treated as if they were our own children — maybe even better.

Unfortunately, as Kira has gotten older and her health has started to decline, we have been forced to make a lot of decisions regarding her well-being. Of these decisions, I must say that deciding to administer CBD oil to her has been one of our better decisions.

Our Sweet Dog Kira, and How we Heard About CBD for Dogs

Kira has been a part of our family since she was rescued from a shelter here in Florida 15 years ago. When we first saw her, we were informed that she had been badly abused having been locked in a small cage without enough room for her to stand or move around. It was heartbreaking watching her first attempts to stand and come and greet us.

As was to be expected, it took Kira a long time to become accustomed to living in a loving home and trusting human beings again. Nevertheless, she eventually came around and has been an ever-present part of our lives since then. She sleeps in our bed, eats with us, vacations with us, hangs out in the bathroom with us when we shower (haha!) etc.… Growing up, Kira’s health was never much of a concern other than routine vaccines, checkups and flea treatments.

As will happen to all of us, though, as she has gotten older her health has started to suffer. When she was twelve, she became unable to stand and would walk around in circles before literally falling over on her side.

We immediately took her to the vet, where she was diagnosed with a bad case of Pancreatitis and we were informed she would not last a lot longer due to the inflammation and her age. It was at this point that I first started entertaining the idea that she should be put down.

The veterinarian gave us some prescription food and sent us on our way. Unfortunately, Kira did not like the food so my wife and I began cooking boiled chicken breast and rice for her. Even with the gourmet cooking, Kira’s appetite did not come back and she lost a lot of weight – going from fifty pounds down to thirty. In addition to the weight loss, Kira has slowly been losing the use of her hind legs and has shown signs of being in pain (such as excessive panting).This often keeps her from sleeping through the night, and when she does sleep, she would frequently urinate in her bed.

Neither my wife or I have ever been proponents of heavy narcotics, and that combined with the fact that it was getting tough trying to foot the mounting veterinarian bills, led us to think that maybe it was time to put Kira down. That is, until my wife discovered CBD oil.

My Wife Discovers CBD Oil for Dogs

I was napping late into the afternoon one day when I heard my wife arrive home and make her way upstairs. “Open your mouth,” she said.

Already feeling guilty for having slept in, I obliged willingly. She took out a dropper and dropped several drops in my mouth.

“What is that,” I asked? It tasted as if someone had put a tiny little bit of grass and earth in my mouth.

“CBD oil,” she replied, “it’s from pure cannabis… I bought some for you and the dog.”

To be honest, I had never heard of CBD oil and I thought to myself, ‘how cool, my wife wants to get me high!’ But with the dog, I wasn’t so sure.

A quick Google search quickly cleared any confusion though. Without inundating you with information, I learned that both THC and CBD oil act on the cannabinoid receptors in the human body, and both have similar chemical makeups, though arranged differently.

However, only THC has the psychoactive effects associated with the traditional marijuana “high,” and as it turns out, dogs also have these same cannabinoid receptors in their brains, and there is an ever-growing body of research into the field of CBD oil use for both humans and dogs.

In any way, if anyone was going to decide to use cannabis to help treat the dog I would have thought it would have been me, given my experience with the plant. So I was quite surprised when my wife showed up with the oil given our “historical” opposing views on marijuana.

She had apparently heard about CBD oil from her sister, whose mother in law – long suffering from a debilitating neurological disease – had been taking it for a while and found significant relief. Though it seemed like a long shot, we started administering the oil to Kira daily.

The results, to put it very simply, were no less than extraordinary. Within the first two weeks Kira was sleeping through the night, and she only had one accident in the bed during this time. And in fact, we noticed her having more energy and an overall improved demeanor within the first few days of starting her on the CBD oil – we all know that a dog can tell us as much through their eyes and facial expressions as most humans can with their words, and it was clear that Kira’s overall well-being had changed for the better.

Actually administering the oil to her, however, was not exactly the easiest thing in the world.

How We Gave CBD Oil to Our Dog

We initially started giving Kira a sublingual CBD hemp oil, which means that you have to place drops of the oil under the tongue. As you might imagine, this is not always the easiest thing to do with a dog.

However, while Kira struggled a little bit it was not too difficult for my wife and I to hold her and pry her mouth open, while one of us administered the drops. We gave her two doses a day – one in the morning and one in the evening – and like we said, started noticing obvious results within the first 3 – 5 days (and substantial results within the first two weeks).

We are still using the same initial bottle of CBD oil, but since it is beginning to run low we are considering trying out some of the brand’s CBD dog treats instead, as we assume these will be more enjoyable for Kira to consume. However, we are still slightly undecided as it’s hard to imagine switching from a treatment that has worked so well for her.

All in all, while the CBD oil has not caused Kira to become any younger or reversed the inevitable processes of aging (she still moves around pretty slowly and sluggishly like any old dog would), we undoubtedly feel that the cannabinoids have single-handedly improved her health – and more than likely, have saved her life and given us more time to enjoy with her.

While I can’t guarantee that you and your dog will have the same results or the same experience with CBD oil that my wife and I have had with Kira, I can assure you that for us, the results have been extraordinary and we couldn’t be more pleased.

[This article was submitted as a guest post from a reader, and edited for clarity.]

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Getting Started with CBD Oil

If you suffer from anxiety (like me), depression or pain and are looking to get started with CBD oil, you need information on how to buy CBD oil, or you’re simply looking to learn more about CBD products, you’ve arrived at the right place.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is a compound found in the cannabis plant that has significant medical benefits. CBD can be extracted from two different species of the Cannabis Sativa L plant, which include Cannabis and Hemp. Unlike its rival THC, CBD does not make people feel “stoned” and can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC.

One of the main advantages of CBD is its non-psychoactive affect making it a great option for people looking for relief from inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, seizures, spasms, and other conditions.
As I mentioned above the primary distinction between Hemp and CBD oil is the part of the plant they are derived from and what parts of the plant are used to create the oil. Hemp oil is typically made from pressing cannabis seeds to extract the fatty oil from within, while some that have mastered the CBD extraction process also use the flowers as they contain high percentages of CBD. CBD oil, on the other hand, is usually made from the flowers of cannabis plant through various extraction methods.

How Does CBD Affect Your Body?

The way marijuana affects your body varies from person to person as it will often depend on genetics, tolerance to the cannabinoids, medical health, DNA, and more. It also depends on the way you consume the CBD, for example, the effects of vaping CBD are far different to smoking it in the form of high-CBD cannabis strains. 

CBD and the way it affects us is still of somewhat a mystery to researchers they still try to figure out how it effects the EndoCannabinoid system. During the previous century, it was discovered that our bodies have receptors within the brain and central nervous system. Specific cannabinoids such as CBD bind to those receptors and activate the EndoCannabinoid System (ECS). This then provides a wide range of psychological and physical benefits helping the body.

Without going into specifics, cannabinoids signal to the body to create endocannabinoids and build more receptors. This helps the body to limit things associated with pain and inflammation, repairs cells and provides a wide range of other health benefits. Unlike other cannabinoids, CBD is thought to be the ultimate anti-inflammatory cannabinoid.

Want to learn more about how CBD works read: How Long Does it Take CBD to Work

Medical Benefits of CBD

There is a misconception as to whether CBD can help treat patients, similar to pharmaceutical medicine, but thanks to the internet and a few different medical studies patients and researchers have been exposing their findings on how CBD oil is helping to cure a wide range of medical conditions.

The most popular story was the one of Charlotte Figi. At the time Charlotte was only 6 years old. As a little girl, she was experiencing over 300 epileptic seizures per week until she was successfully treated by a CBD-rich strain oil, later named Charlotte’s Web.

The high-quality CBD oil, changed her life, helping her to overcome a 6-year battle. Since her story hit the news, CBD and other cannabinoids of the cannabis plant are constantly being researched to understand how they can help to treat different medical conditions. As a matter of fact, CBD has been thought to help treat over 170 medical conditions, among them severe conditions such as Anorexia, Cancer, Arthritis, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and PTSD.

Recent studies have even shown that CBD, may cure life-threatening diseases by altering genes. Other studies have proven that it might even be an effective treatment for osteoarthritis and chronic pain.

The way that CBD works is that it interacts with receptors located in different parts of the central nervous system. These receptors are called CB1 and CB2. Both reflect the areas of the brain they interact with such as the limbic system. When taking CBD, this cannabinoid locks in on these receptors and affects the body in different ways. For example, it can help to block the pain caused by specific medical conditions.

While numerous studies have shown promising results, it is important to understand that CBD research is still at premature stages. A 2011 study that researched CBD for fibromyalgia showed extremely promising results. 56 of 112 participants who took CBD in the form of oil saw a great reduction in their symptoms and pain, while those using traditional methods didn’t see hardly any improvement.

Can you Buy CBD if you live in an illegal state?

The process is not cut-&-dry, and but thanks to the Farm Bill of 2014, forms of CBD can now be delivered to your doorstep. Those that live in recreational states can purchase CBD cannabis oil which is high in potency and extremely effective for helping to treat severe medical conditions, while those that live in other states that are not medical or recreational can benefit from CBD hemp oil. CBD Hemp oil is perfect for helping to treat a wide range of conditions including anxiety, depression and acute pain. 

Who is NaturalWellNessCBDOil?

My name is Jonathan, and I’ve created this loving resource that is packed with information about CBD oil. I am growing a community on Facebook and are constantly engaging with different people to help them make more informed decisions. I review products on a daily basis and provide unbiased reviews about some of the top CBD oil manufacturers. All the information on the site is FREE; I only ask that you help to share the information you find on the site with other people that are suffering. 

To your health and happiness.