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NaturalWellness Earnings Disclaimer

What are earnings?

Earnings are essentially a system in place in which each link on our website contains a unique ID. When clicked on, if a user decides to make a purchase for a product or service on one of the respective sites, we are granted a finder’s fee.

By using one of the unique links on our site, you won’t be charged any extra for any product or service. In fact, arguably it is more affordable to purchase products through a link on our site because typically we provide readers with a discount code or some type of unique deal.

Are the reviews really unbiased if there is compensation involved?

Absolutely. We don’t want to affiliate with just any old company. We carefully select the brands we’d like to develop relationships with after we’ve thoroughly tried their products or services and have determined they are of top quality.

If a company doesn’t have products that we deem some of the best on the market, we are not interested in joining forces with them. This vetting process is how we ensure that our reviews stay unbiased, because we genuinely do love, support, and believe in the products and services that we rate well.

Why is this system utilized?

Nowadays, just about every website on the internet operates some type of affiliate system or program. It’s the industry standard. Our goal isn’t to get money from our readers however – our goal is to ensure we can continue providing our informative and innovative content free of charge, but unless we are making some type of profit there wouldn’t be a rational way to pay our brilliant employees for all the hard work they put into the company.

The reality of it is, none of what we do would be possible without the continued support of our readers, and for that we are deeply grateful. Thank you!