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Blog / How to Incorporate CBD into Your Fitness Routine
How to incorporate CBD into your fitness

How to Incorporate CBD into Your Fitness Routine

Like every single person in the entire world, you’ve got a solid fitness routine that you keep to every day, right? (Don’t worry, most people don’t either).

Getting into a solid fitness routine is incredibly difficult in today’s world; we’ve all got so many things to do, and only so many hours to do them in. We’ve all got work, cleaning, chores, grocery shopping, cooking and, maybe a couple hours of Netflix occasionally. Trying to find time to look after ourselves on top of all this is hard.

To make it a bit easier, you could consider adding CBD to your fitness routine, helping to make you a healthier person. That’s right – CBD isn’t just limited to treating skin conditions or acting as an antioxidant, it can actually make your fitness routine a whole lot easier. Keep on reading to find out why.

What Exactly is CBD?

If you want to start incorporating any substance into your life, it’s important to know what it is and what it does to your body.

CBD belongs to a group of substances called cannabinoids, which exist within the Cannabis sativa plant. Mankind has been using cannabis for millennia, both as a home remedy and as a source of psychoactive recreation, but it turns out that the substances within cannabis have far wider-reaching effects than we originally realized.

CBD, just like THC, interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a regulatory system within the human body that controls a variety of functions. Different receptors within the system, (namely CB1 and CB2 receptors) help to control different bodily functions.

CBD is remarkable for its ability to interact with both of these receptors – especially CB2.

When triggered, they each create different effects within the body. The CB1 receptor is primarily located within the brain and central nervous system, so when CBD interacts with it, it encourages the release of helpful hormones like dopamine and serotonin. These releases can help deal with mental disorders like anxiety or depression.

When the CB2 receptor is triggered, it encourages the body to both increase the rate of cellular regeneration and reduce inflammation. The inflammation response is one of the principal reasons people take CBD for medicinal purposes; a healthy body might inflame an area to help protect it during an injury or infection, but certain conditions – like psoriasis or arthritis – can cause unnecessary inflammation.

CBD helps reduce these irritations, as well as encouraging healthy cells and their regrowth in order to help beat back degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis.

However, how does any of this help you with exercising or working out?

How CBD Can Help Your Fitness Routine

CBD can help the body in your fitness and workout routines in a number of ways. Let’s look at the top three.

#1 – Muscle Recovery

Your workout routine is likely to be difficult and painful for your body, damaging it in the short-term in order to give it benefits in the long-term.

The entire process of building muscle works by creating a series of micro-tears along the muscle tissue (due to overexertion), and then allowing the muscles to repair themselves with longer protein strands and, thus, get bigger and stronger.

If you’ve ever worked out too hard and then tried getting out of bed the next day without sobbing in pain, you’ll understand how important muscle recovery is.

CBD helps the body recover from overexertion through its treatment of inflammation, as well as its cellular regrowth capabilities. Inflammation is generally what’s behind the pain you feel when you work out too hard – your body inflames the area because it wants you to avoid using or touching the area, providing a way to generally protect it as it heals.

While this is helpful to let you know you should avoid over-exerting your muscles, the inflammation itself can cause a huge amount of pain.

CBD interacts with the CB2 receptors to help reduce inflammation, thereby encouraging the body to calm down and stop putting you in so much pain. Additionally, the CB2 receptor promotes cell regeneration abilities, encouraging a healthier and speedier production of muscle cells in order to help rebuild the damaged protein chains.

In other words, CBD both makes the pain go away and shortens the recovery period.

#2 – Better Sleep

As much as busy high flyers might not believe it, adequate sleep is one of the most important features of a good workout routine.

If you’re interested in building a lot of muscle mass and getting stronger, sleep is where the majority of the cell regeneration and new cell growth takes place. Sleep is the body’s repair stage; it shuts down cognitive functions and lowers the activity of unnecessary parts, all so as to encourage a greater production of new cells and repairing damage done during the day.

If you don’t sleep enough, your body will never get a chance to build more muscles.

Even if you’re not interested in building tons of muscles, and instead just want to maintain good health through regular exercise, you need your sleep in order to keep your mental faculties sharp and store long-term information. Sleep is basically the most important part of your day – there’s a reason we spend one-third of our lives doing it!

CBD helps encourage good sleep through its interaction with the endocannabinoid system, and CBD also improves homeostasis in the body as well as generally relaxing the body by treating any small ailments or irritations you’re currently suffering from.

Though many people swear by THC – the psychoactive component of cannabis – as a sleep aid, THC only makes your drowsy and less alert. CBD, on the other hand, encourages peaceful and healthy sleep through relaxation and more production of melatonin.

In a study by Rodriguez et al., for example, researchers found that CBD helps you stay awake during the day by fighting off drowsiness when you need to be alert. Then, once you’re trying to get to sleep in the evening, it helps you fall into a deep, natural sleep through its diminishing effects on pain and irritations.

#3 – Heart and Vascular Health

If there’s one part of the body always monitored when working out, it’s your heart rate. Your heart health is incredibly important, and is the principal reason that many people have a fitness routine at all.

Heart disease contributes to the majority of deaths in the world, killing 17.3 million people last year alone. This means we need to be incredibly conscious of the strength of our hearts, and encourage it to remain healthy and ticking for years to come.

CBD helps encourage a healthy heart through its effects on blood pressure, as well as vascular strength. A study by Jadoon et al. found that CBD helped reduce blood pressure stress with regular intake. This was discovered to be a result of CBD’s vascular-relaxant properties, essentially making your vascular walls – the walls of the arteries and veins that carry your blood – more elastic and malleable, able to cope with changing blood pressure caused by regular exertion.

Additionally, a study by Batkai et al. found that CBD helped suppress cardiac contractility in hypertension, helping to normalize blood pressure evenly throughout the body and help fight against things like chronic high blood pressure.

This all means that CBD helps your body stay alive and in shape by reducing unnecessary stress on your heart. No one wants to spend their life working out to improve their heart strength, only to die as a result of heart failure.

What’s the Best Way to Incorporate CBD into a Fitness Routine?

CBD has many methods of consumption available to consumers, but many of them involve some form of smoking. Either through vaporization or through combustion in joints, CBD is able to be ingested in the traditional manner quite easily.

However, for those of a more health-conscious mindset, they might want to consider other methods.

You can buy CBD-infused foods, known as edibles, for example, that will provide a long-lasting and effective dosage when taken orally. If you don’t want to eat it, you can also ingest using CBD in the form of an oil or tincture, which is applied directly into the mouth or mixed in your food.

There is also the possibility of CBD liposomes, but their development is still nascent as of yet, so it’s probably best to stick to oils in the meantime.

Final Thoughts on Using CBD in Your Workout Routine

Everyone should have a fitness routine that works for them. As most “health authorities” recommend, you should try to maintain a consistent level of active exercise, getting your body sweating and increasing your heart rate. This is important not just for your looks, but for your heart health and for the long-term ability to keep your body working at peak efficiency.

However, this isn’t exactly easy. Whether it’s the trouble of trying to fit a solid hour per day’s workout in, or if it’s just because it’s really difficult to make yourself get to the gym every day, people find it hard to exercise regularly. It’s just an unfortunate fact of life.

However, CBD can help make your fitness routine a bit easier through encouraging both a healthy heart, and improved muscle recovery. Additionally, CBD encourages natural sleep so as to make sure you get the time to rest and recover from your not-so-vigorous workouts.

Not everyone wants to be a massive bodybuilder, but everyone should have some kind of routine to keep themselves healthy. Thankfully, CBD might make it a little bit easier.

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