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Blog / Mary’s Medicinals [Why You Should Try Them]
Mary's Medicinals [ Why You Should Try Them ]

Mary’s Medicinals [Why You Should Try Them]

People have been enjoying the medicinal benefits of marijuana for centuries, whether taken as an oral tablet or consumed through smoking. The medicinal uses of the cannabinoids, present within cannabis, have been understood for longer than you could imagine.

However, it is only in the last decade or so that we have really had any kind of innovation, at least with regard to new methods of actually imbibing CBD. Though the invention of usable CBD oils and different topical products were incredibly useful in helping to diversify the CBD market, it would be great if someone would come up with all new ways of imbibing CBD, wouldn’t it?

Enter Mary’s Medicinals, a CBD retailer that, while sounding like a roadside general goods store in the Old West, is actually one of the industry leaders in new and innovative methods of imbibing cannabinoids.

Let’s take a look at Mary’s Medicinals and why you should be trying them yourself.

Who Are Mary’s Medicinals?

Mary’s Medicinals are an industry expert in cannabis in general, having won numerous awards from the scientific and marijuana community. Including the ‘Best Medical Advancement’ from The Cannabis, in multiple years, as well as the ‘Best New Product’ in the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Mary’s Medicinals does not actually have a Mary, with the titular character actually being a marketing character for the Denver, Colorado-based company. Though it might seem strange to make up a character, it certainly provides a certain look and feels to both their brand and their website. Allowing it to be a sort of combination of both a medicinal, health-focused look and a personality-driven, old-timey caregiver appearance.

Mary’s Medicinals are another CBD producer that do not actually sell their products themselves, instead offering their goods to wholesalers throughout the country. This is due to the sheer complexities inherent in trying to sell cannabis products across state lines, making it far easier to sell to only a few companies and allow them to deal with the legal problems.

Mary’s Medicinals is not just known for their accolades, but also for their unique and exciting methods of innovation for the imbibing of CBD. Instead of the regular CBD isolate, Mary’s Medicinals were one of the first companies to explore the entourage effect, as well as; THCa, CBDa and the isolate of CBC. All different cannabinoids that, until Mary’s Medicinals began investigating them, remained virtually untouched and filtered out in all other CBD products.

They base all of their research and product design on five key principles: That dosages should be accurate; that the product’s use should be convenient, that their delivery is clinical-grade, that they have immense accountability, and finally, that they possess a patient first mentality.

One of the ways they achieved their goals was in pursuing rigorous in-house testing, through considerable investment in laboratory procedures. As a consumer, it is always good to see a company testing its own supplies. However, it would be perhaps even better were they to have independent lab reports, as this would demonstrate any possibility of censorship or favoritism did not taint their findings.

However, by far the most exciting aspect of Mary’s Medicinals products is that they have invented a transdermal application for CBD.

Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Products

Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Gel Pen

When you mention the word ‘transdermal,’ all kind of horrible images creep up in your mind; needles, stabbing, and blood. These arethe most likely fears associated with that word, leaving the distinct impression that Mary’s Medicinals’ Transdermal products are going to hurt.

In actuality, transdermal means merely that the cannabinoids are absorbed in the body once they work their way under the skin. Which simply means that the skin absorbs it, allowing your blood supply to pick it up and transport it to the relevant areas.

Mary’s Medicinals’ signature Transdermal product is the Transdermal Gel Pen, containing 2mg of Cannabinoids per pump and with about 50 doses per pen. All you need to do is apply the Gel Pen to an area of skin with a large quantity of visible veins and squeeze the trigger. Once done, a thick orange gloop of cannabinoid concentrate will come out and be absorbed into the skin automatically. This allows for an incredibly smooth, hassle-free application of cannabinoids.

You can get the Transdermal Gel Pen in one of four different cannabinoid profiles; THC Sativa, THC Indica, CBN or CBD. This allows you a great deal of customization with regard to your cannabinoid intake, even allowing you to mix and match if you desire a more complex mix of different cannabinoid compounds.

There is no listed price available for any of Mary’s Medicinals products, as third-party retailers sell all of their goods, but these Transdermal Gel Pens are generally considered pricier than the equivalent CBD oil options. Of course, they have the benefit of not having to imbibe it orally or deal with any kind of greasiness.

If you don’t like the idea of squirting a strangely translucent, orange goo onto your forearm, Mary’s Medicinals also offers other methods of transdermal cannabinoid application.

You can buy their Transdermal Patch, which is even more discreet -allowing you to easily apply it onto your skin like a large nicotine patch. These take effect in about twenty minutes, providing around ten hours of systemic relief throughout the body. These patches are available in an even broader range; THC Sativa, THC Indica, THCa, CBD, CBD or, for those that can’t decide, a 1:1 mix of CBD and THC.

Finally, if you don’t like the idea of having to keep their transdermal products on one spot at a time, they also offer a jar of Transdermal Compound, containing 100mg of THC and CBD together, which can be applied anywhere on the body. This makes it perfect for applying to topical areas of pain or inflammation, and each dose will last about three hours total.

All of this new innovation is undoubtedly interesting, but what do you do if you just want regular, tried and tested CBD products from Mary’s Medicinals?

Mary’s Medicinals Remedy Oil

For those that started to miss the familiarity of CBD oil and regular CBD products after reading about Mary’s Medicinals’ transdermal products, Mary’s Medicinals also offer a Remedy Oil. This is applied under the tongue and is essentially just CBD oil, though it is made from a combination of sweet almond oil, cinnamon oil, and myrrh oil, as well as the 500mg of CBD. This makes it taste far, far better than other CBD oils available on the market, and is designed for daily use.

Of course, if you don’t want only to have CBD isolate, meaning just CBD on its own with no other terpenes or cannabinoids, then you should also look into the other Mary’s Medicinals Remedy Oils. They also offer a 1:1 version, containing 100mg of both CBD and THC, as well as a more advanced 300mg version that is only available in particular, special medical dispensaries with a medical license.

This product was initially developed to help treat patients who have Crohn’s Disease in collaboration with Coltyn Turner, so it is designed to be stronger and more effective with each use, rather than regular, everyday usage. They also offer a regular THC version that is nothing more than 1000mg THC in a lemon-lime flavor, for a psychotropic high that is perfect for relaxing, while also dealing with pain.

Finally, as with their transdermal products, Mary’s Medicinals also offers a CBD and CBN product that is flavored with Citrus Vanilla and is made from safflower oil. This is designed to help aid sleep and pain management due to the sedative properties of CBN.

Of course, with any company that has a variety of different methods for preparing Cannabinoid products, there are always going to be a few products that don’t quite fit into any of the broader categories, despite their usefulness. So let’s examine Mary’s Medicinals’ unique CBD products as well.

Mary’s Medicinals Additional CBD Options

Mary’s Medicinals cbd review

Alongside all of Mary’s Medicinals’ transdermal and CBD oil products, they also offer two other types of ways to imbibe CBD – CBD capsules and a vape kit.

Their capsules contain either CBD or CBN, depending on whether you are looking for anxiety and inflammation treatment, or to help ease your sleep. Each capsule is 5mg of whatever cannabinoid you have chosen, as well as a tasteless sugar casing. It is a pretty standard cannabinoid capsule, with each packet being available in either five or ten packs, or a 30-day supply.

Alongside this, Mary’s Medicinals also offers a vape kit setup, so as to allow you to imbibe Mary’s Medicinals cannabinoids through vaporization. Their vape kits are available in surprisingly sleek, glass and metallic packaging offering a 500mg dosage of vape liquid that contains absolutely no fillers, additives or thinning agents that are designed to bulk the final product.

You can either buy their vape products in a 3:1 ratio of CBD and THC, a regular THC blend, or a 1:1 blend of CBN:CBD. Each one is flavored differently, using natural essential oils and terpenes to help encourage the natural effects of the cannabinoids using the entourage effect.

Mary’s Medicinals also offers a one-time use of CBD vape liquid in a Pax Pod, which contains the same options of cannabinoids as their vape kits. But instead comes pre-prepared in a single, small vape pen to allow for the ultimate vaping experience. Despite the fact that Mary’s Medicinals does not specialize in vape products, their range is surprisingly rich and in-depth.

Final Thoughts on Mary’s Medicinals

Mary’s Medicinals represents a very interesting subsection of cannabinoid producers. Instead of seeking to create trendy products that are designed to achieve the highest cost potential, they are focused on the development of new and innovative ways of utilizing the cannabis plant.

Whether it is through regular CBD oil, capsules or with their patented transdermal cannabinoid products, Mary’s Medicinals demonstrate themselves to be a unique company that is intimately concerned with creating products that can be useful to a large number of people.

Despite their lack of third party lab reports or any other kind of scientific backing, they offer in-house testing plus their actual patent information as proof of the veracity of their claims.

Although many people might be put off by the idea of Transdermal Gel Pens (even just their very name sends a shiver down your spine), they are definitely something that is worth trying out. Even if you ultimately prefer CBD oil or vaping, it is essential to make sure that you are trying and experiencing all the very best that the medical and scientific world has to offer.

Though Mary’s Medicinals are still a relatively new company, it is likely that their products will receive even more acclaim as they continue developing more interesting and useful ways to imbibe cannabis products.

If nothing else, you should try Mary’s Medicinals merely because they are there, because they work, and because of how interesting it would be to try something entirely different. 

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