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Blog / 5 Reasons Why CBD Oil is Not Working For You

5 Reasons Why CBD Oil is Not Working For You

CBD oil is one of the hottest medical fashions out there right now. It almost seems like every person you know is taking CBD in one way or another to treat whatever ailment they’re suffering from.

Part of this is due to recent legalization efforts which have made CBD more available in a wider variety of states, as well as the actual federal legalization of CBD medicine to treat a couple forms of serious epilepsy.

However, another reason is because CBD has been demonstrated to work extremely well to help treat a number of conditions.

Well, you might be convinced to try some yourself, only to discover that… nothing happens. Why isn’t your CBD working? Are you doing something wrong?

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why your CBD oil might not be working for you.

#5 Incorrect Dosages

Everyone seems to be recommending CBD, ranging from your friends to maybe even your doctor, but not a lot of people actually discuss proper dosages. Just like with every other medicine out there, CBD needs to be taken in precise dosages to be able to have its desired effects.

When you take CBD, you are allowing it to interact with your endocannabinoid system and induce all the potential effects CBD may have, but different effects can be provoked by different dosages.

For example, a lot of recent research, such as this study by Blessing et al. for the journal of Neurotherapeutics, has demonstrated CBD’s ability to act as an anxiolytic, which is a type of medication that helps treat anxiety.

However, this same study concluded that anxiolytic effects were only achievable from CBD if taken at extremely high doses – doses much higher than would typically be taken for inflammation or other pain-related conditions.

This means that it’s possible to take CBD to treat anxiety or other similar conditions, but find that it doesn’t work at all because you’ve got the dosage wrong.

Make sure to research your desired effects thoroughly so as to ensure you can achieve whatever effect you’re looking for.

Certain conditions require high doses, others low doses, while a select few require a mix of occasional high dosage with a low dosage period in between; make sure you know what you’re looking for!

#4 You Need to Wait Longer

It’s a very common thing for those taking any form of cannabis; it’s happened to everyone. You’ve taken your CBD oil, whether as part of a meal or just as a test, and now you’re waiting to see what happens.

Only… nothing happens. You’re still waiting. And waiting. What’s going on?

Well, try not to worry – this is just what cannabinoids are like.

Cannabinoids are a bit different to other drugs like over-the-counter medications. Cannabinoids, especially when taken orally like with CBD oil, need to be digested and given time to interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

This lag period is also noticeable if you ingest regular marijuana orally, such as with weed brownies. It’s so common that most commercially available products that you take as a food or drink actually come with a label warning, informing you that you need to wait at least 3 hours before assuming it hasn’t had an effect.

Furthermore, CBD isn’t the same thing as THC – you’re not going to get high from it!

As such, you may not necessarily notice at all when the CBD takes effect. The intended effects of CBD are usually rooted in healing or the suppression of pain or inflammation, so it’s entirely likely that, even if the CBD is working, you won’t notice anything different.

The key is that regular applications (with the proper dosage!) of CBD will help your body heal or cope with whatever condition you’re suffering from.
Though it might not be immediately apparent, the CBD is most likely working its magic. Just be patient!

#3 Tolerance

Okay, you’ve been more than patient. It’s been days and days of taking your regular CBD oil, only this time it simply isn’t working! Is this batch defective, or is there something wrong with you? Well, it might be you, but it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong.

As with all medications, substances can become tolerated within the body. This simply means that the effects caused by the substance within your body can become expected and defended against within the body.

If someone tries to hit you every single day, you’re going to start expecting it and get ready to defend yourself!

This isn’t to say that CBD is dangerous to your body; it’s more that your body just doesn’t like anything meddling in the way it does things. It likes to do things its own way, so it doesn’t want you ingesting other substances all the time, even if they will help the body.

With CBD, what happens is that the CB1 and CB2 receptors can become more resilient against the effects of the cannabinoid, as they have become used to large doses over time. This is especially likely if you are a regular marijuana user, as the THC is able to cause the receptors to build up a tolerance much faster.

One way to combat this is to take a “tolerance break”, wherein you abstain from any cannabinoids whatsoever over a period of weeks so as to reset your body’s tolerance to the substance.

As most people take CBD to help deal with a medical condition that is unpleasant to deal with, however, this is obviously not ideal.

The only other way to combat this is to take increasingly large doses, trying to overcome your tolerance each time.

#2 Unfortunate Genetics

Okay, you’ve taken a tolerance break, or maybe you have never really taken cannabinoids before so tolerance isn’t an issue. However, it still isn’t working. What’s going on? Another possibility is that you are just genetically predisposed to not being affected by external cannabinoids.

To start with, men are less affected by cannabinoids than women as THC and, to a lesser extent, CBD works closely with estrogen, the main hormone for women.

To make matters worse, there is a not insignificant chance that you are one of those unlucky people for whom CBD doesn’t work well. Roughly 15%-20% of all people naturally produce a higher level of natural cannabinoids than others.

That’s right; our bodies make cannabinoids as well! How else did you expect the endocannabinoid system to work before cannabis?

For those that make more cannabinoids, their bodies are more designed to interact with those cannabinoids than with any external cannabinoids you imbibe. This is because the ECS is designed to work with the body’s natural cannabinoids, only taking in extra cannabinoids if it sees a need to.

If you already make enough, you are simply not going to get as much effect from CBD oil as other people would.

Additionally, there is a small percentage of people born with genetic anomalies that make it very hard (or entirely impossible) to receive effects from cannabis.

Either their endocannabinoid system is anomalous, or it is just the fact that their bodies don’t process cannabinoids in the liver properly; these unfortunate people are doomed to never really get any effect from cannabis whatsoever.

It’s easy to tell if you’re one of those unlucky few, as they are more than likely to be incapable of getting high from THC.

#1 Bad Product & The Entourage Effect

So there is nothing else; you’ve taken a tolerance break, you know it’s not genetic, you’ve dosed yourself properly and waited enough time, so what is it?
Why is your CBD oil STILL not working?

Well, are you sure you bought the right thing? No one likes to think it possible, but it’s all too easy to buy the wrong thing when exploring a new product.

As CBD is still a relatively nascent industry, there aren’t the standards, codes and practices that other industries have in place to ensure quality control between different brands.

This means that some CBD oils you buy might not be what you’re expecting – if you’re not buying from a reputable seller, you might find yourself with something like hemp seed oil instead.

Additionally, there are different types of CBD oil! Alongside just basic CBD oil, you can get something called full spectrum CBD oil – this is what’s usually recommended if you’re taking CBD to treat a medical condition.

Full spectrum CBD oil is made intentionally by manufacturers because of something called the entourage effect. Cannabis doesn’t just contain THC and CBD, the two most well known cannabinoids; it also contains a huge number of other cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, and essential fats and proteins. These additional compounds are left behind when you buy CBD isolate, which is nothing more than pure CBD.

If you buy full spectrum CBD oil, however, you are getting the complete package. When you consume CBD mixed with all these other compounds, the effects of the cannabinoids on your body are actually increased due to the interaction of the different compounds within your body.

So, if you want to make sure you’re CBD oil works, make sure you’re getting not only the right type of CBD, but also making sure that what you’re buying is CBD oil to begin with!

CBD isolate works fine for a variety of conditions, but many people swear by the increased efficacy of full spectrum CBD oil.

If, after all this, your CBD oil still isn’t working… Are you sure you’re not accidentally missing your mouth?

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